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    I’ve been trying to break up with my boyfriend for the last month and he always cries and begs and blows my phone up everyone and I give in. Two days ago I decided to put my foot down and block him on everything so he’d understand I was serious. I blocked him in social media and I blocked his number. Today I got a random phone call from an unfamiliar phone number and it was him. He called me from his moms phone and he started asking me where I was and he asked me did I block him on Instagram because he tried to look me up and couldn’t find me

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    Don’t answer calls from an unknown number…
    No message- no return call.

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    You need to stick to your guns. If it gets to the point where he will not take the hint I would even consider a restraining order. You do not owe anyone your happiness and staying with him will hurt both of you in the end

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    Take the legal route.

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    Better off single

    Why did you break up?

    Did he make you feel like a total loser who is not worth pursuing other than playing mind games with? I’ve been there.

    Just ignore it. You know everytime he calls, it’s not going to be anything good. when he realizes he still has control over you, he’s going to fill you up with of hope for the future and get you to think everything is going to be ok from here on out. Then suddenly, kaboom!

    He never changed, he’s still hitting on your best friend and treating you like second rate trash because he has no respect for you…which is an extreme let down.. A you’re filled with is heartbreak and stress. Then, shame. you feel so stupid falling for it again because your feelings are genuine and his are not. He just wants control.

    My hair started falling out, I had trouble focusing, and I noticed more wrinkles on my face. I am with raven if you don’t recognise the number don’t answer.

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    nothing much you can do if he refuses to accept that you want out. well block his moms number as well and all the other numbers from which he tries to connect. if he calls and you take the call not knowing its him, don’t engage with him. just hangup and block again. he may give up when he realises you really don’t want to be with him any more. if his behaviour gets stalky and you feel threatened than you can complain to the police and /or take the legal route to keep him away. but that’s the last option.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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