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    Algyn Palma

    Ex bad mouth me on social media and he wants his tuff hack after ruining my reputation.we never seem each other before but we had a relationship for 2yrs and 5months. He sent me stuff which i didnt even ask from him. He wants it back coz hes now changing the story that he only let me borrow the stuff. Sending my private pic on my groupchat and posting it on my timeline.now he’s using my fb accounts which i deliberately created secretly to communicate with my friends family. Pls help me what to do guys.

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    change passwords to all your social media accounts. block him and his number everywhere. you can return his stuff if you want him out of your life. cut him out from everywhere.

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    He changed it before i do…. i tolsd him give me time and he gets angry and threatened to post again on my fb.

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    I don’t get why you need to ask this.

    This guy is next level toxic.

    If I was you? I’d change my number. I’d delete all texts, mails, emails, pics and general reminders of him, i’d block him on all media platforms, i’d change my passwords and security questions to all media platforms. I’d remove all of his friends he associated with online so that you are phasing yourself/life from any future group chat discussions. I’d literally disappear from his life. Don’t react or respond in any way. Reacting will not help you heal.

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    Im sorry guys… I’m just stress. I’ve been living my life but he ruins it again by calling me using different number, yelling, being rude on the phone and even told me that found someone better than me.

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