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    So I was with my ex for 4 years, we split in December, since then we have bewn “seeing” each other. He always knew I still loved him but he just wanted to be friends with benifits. A month a go he started going quiet on me not really confirming palns, not really replying to messages. I popped in his place one day and there was a girl there I made a massive mistake and lost the plot accused him of cheating (obviously he wasnt we were together). He said she was just a friend. I also confided in his sister who is a friend of mine and who my ex doesnt speak to any more. He has blocked me contacting him saying Ive betrayed his trust. He said that he cant say he will never speak to me again but we need to not speak for a good while and for me to move my life on a bit without him. Im confused if this is him saying he will never speak to me again in a nice way without hurting me or is it that he needs some space. Im trying to move on but its hard because I do still love him and feel bad I made such a big mistake. Any advise would be amazing. Thanks :)

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    Honestly I think the chances of him coming back to you are not good. If he ended it it’s probably easy for him to still “see” you and not think of wanting you back but maybe assuming that you agree that it’s casual. I’m not gonna say “get over him” cause I know it’s not just something you do – but remember that this will get easier every day although it doesn’t feel that way now and that you will be happy again with someone else or on your own.

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    He WAS cheating on you and disrespecting you bringing other females home.
    Dont be oblivious
    Because you have a history with someone doesn’t mean you should go through DISRESPECT AGAIN

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    So, you were demoted from GF to FWB…

    Why do you want to get back with him?

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    He dumped you. Move on. Showing up after this at his place unannounced & seeing another girl, then freaking out – that speaks loudly that you are clingy and a psycho ex.

    He will never be interested in you again, sorry.

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    it was over long time back! he was just using you for sex bec u let him! and now that you created a scene and harassed him, he doesnt want to engage with you any more. not even for sex. too much drama and too many complications. just let go of him. he has let you go ages back! why wld you want to cling to someone who has broken up with you.

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    As someone else mentioned you went from being his girlfriend to FWB. It seems like you’re expecting that he’ll want more than FWB at some point which is why you decided to stay in his life rather than making a clean break. FWB is exactly that. There’s no real commitment so the other person can essentially sleep with others.

    This may sound harsh but the reality is that you accepted him to treat you like that, so I doubt he’ll come back to you. Have some respect for yourself and move on. I know 4 years is a long time to just cut somebody out of your life but if you want a committed relationship I don’t think this is the guy to give it to you at the moment. If you want a committed relationship and he doesn’t there is no point hanging around in the hope that he’ll change his mind.

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