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    Hi. Needed help and I truly appreciate all of your advise. And hope you can see this. My bf broke up with me only because I got sensitive on a joke. For almost 2 years I only got sensitive twice or maybe three. He sent me this long text stating the break up and leaving me whivj I think very shallow reason. I an hurting so bad right now. He kept sayiing Sorry and ask to talk but I decided to not talk since he decided to leave anyway. Is it a right decision not to talk?

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    What is he asking to talk about? He broke up with you so he doesn’t get to decide that he wants to talk to you- you can decide if you would want to talk to him. I would take time on my own and figure out what you want.

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    Liz Lemon

    He broke up with you over text after 2 years! In a long term relationship he should have at least broken up with you in person. And you’re saying the reason he gave for breaking up with you is shallow. Don’t you deserve better than that?

    I agree with Anon, he broke up with you so now he does not get to decide if he talks to you. You decide that. And what is there to talk about? Take some time to think. Do you want to talk to a guy who treats you this way?

    As for your question as to whether it was the right decision– if you feel it was right for you, then it was right. I know it hurts. A decision can be painful and yet still be the right decision.

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    Hi Lost

    Sorry this is happening. IMO what he did was very crappy and of course texting these days is the easy way out. As far as speaking to him…I think that you should have a conversation with him and let him tell you face to face…you deserve that much. It will be hard but this is the easy way out for him by text. That’s if you feel you want to speak to him since you stated his reason was shallow, I would personally want his reason and see his demeanor.
    Again, its up to you what you feel you can handle at this point and remember whatever you choose is your choice to help you start the healing.

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    it could be that he told you he wants to break off in the heat of the moment. he expected you to call and message and beg. you took his words literally and decided to take this as a breakup. let him stew for a bit while you rethink over your relationship. are you happy with him and this relationship. talk to him when your ready to talk. i think he will get in touch again.

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