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    BF dumps me three days ago. He was something else, next level snake. Game playing so strong he has a Distinction.

    I welcomed this break up & actually agreed. I don’t do chasing or begging, especially when I’ve been mistreated and walked all over. Hes had all the chances I can give. I’ve just had enough and actually felt happy that this poop parade has come to an end.

    Isn’t it wonderful when the trash takes itself out? Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    A liar so skilled he makes Pinocchio look truthful.
    So defensive he makes Virgil van Dijk look amateur.

    His break up has been a weight off my shoulders tbh, because hes been draining and exhausting me for months. However, this clown keeps texting me.

    This is what its like:

    CLOWN: I’m so so sorry.

    Me: its fine, please leave me alone.

    CLOWN: Ok, i’ll leave you alone.

    few hours later…

    CLOWN: I hope you are not upset. I’ll leave you alone.

    Me: I’m fine, i wish you all the best.Take care.

    a few hours later…

    CLOWN: I’m so sorry if you just done X, Y and Z we’d have been together, you are a wonderful person. I will leave you alone.

    A few hours later…

    CLOWN: I hope you are ok and I need you to know you are wonderful.

    Me: I’m fine thanks, this is for the best.

    CLOWN: Thanks for replying, just know you are wonderful.

    What is wrong with this clown? Why? I dislike having to block people, and I’ve blocked him on many media platforms due to his constant harassment. Its embarrassing. What is wrong with him? No seriously, what makes a man break up then mail you sweet nothings over and over and over. He has literally told me 10x’s in 3 days he thinks I am wonderful & will leave me alone. Like a parrot.

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    Except you know he thinks he’s all that and is chasing other women as if he’s such a stud.

    That’s why you broke up with him.

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    I love how this post is written! This should be a mantra for all women dwelling on some d***bag walking away. OP, he really sounds like a clown with those messages. Just ignore him. You already politely replied that you’re fine and that you wish to be left alone now. So there is nothing rude about not engaging with such messages anymore. And eventually, he will get bored.

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    I agree with Shoshanna, he’s an a** clown, and you handled this clown almost perfectly…now you need to block him.

    He’s probably use to you accepting his crap, it gives him a massive ego stroke that he can behave badly and you will stick around. He’s just waiting for you to crumble, he’ll consider it ‘a win’ and then bounce again. Don’t give him the satisfaction! Keep the ball in your court by blocking him—that’s the only message he needs to receive at this point. When your done, be done forever!

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    I would TELL him I’m blocking him, and then BLOCK him. He won’t get an ego boost on that one!

    This is all he deserves..

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    if you know hes a clown why r are you reply to all his texts? just ignore him and his messages. but if he still continues just block the number. easy.

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    I would actually take a different approach. I would say, “Yes I’m aware of how wonderful I am and how happy I am we’re no longer together! Now please stop bothering me or I will have to block you!”

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    I also appreciate the manner in which this post has been written. She handled it all beautifully with the town that he doesn’t affect her and that she is done.

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    Perhaps he can’t handle how you’re coping so well when he expected you to be lost and miserable after he ended things. When someone dumps you and you accept it and walk away instead of begging or acting like you can’t live without them, it will severely bruise anyone’s ego, unless they were grounded and mature.

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    Amy S

    Hes only texting because you are still responding and obviously still care or you would not be asking on this. Block and move on. In fact block and move house and work if you can. These guys can be very disruptive so be aware and prepared. x

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    Amy, I don’t actually care for him in the I need him back way, at all. He is honestly extremely toxic. I care that he keeps texting. i find it immature to block him & i’ve blocked him on everything bar text. I’ve never had to do this with others, I am actually friends with the other exs. I genuinely wondered if this there is something wrong with him because I don’t understand why someone wont go away when they tell you they will leave.

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    Because your getting an ego stroke from it. Not sure why you need to play this silly game but hey if gives you a kick then keep on kicking on.

    I don’t play these silly games…when done, I’m out, and have no desire to entertain them further.

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    Lane there is no ego on my side. I didn’t have to block others in the past. Feels a little immature when you ask to be left alone you have to go to extreme measures to be left alone. I never block people, ever. However I’ve had to with him and its sad that things cant be as amicable as possible. I haven’t been replying to about 80% of the texts. I will just stop responding to him now.

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