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    Hi, so basically I met this guy A (he’s a really close friend of my ex B , I was dating B back in august) I met A once when I went out with B and his friend and one of them happened to be A. From the moment I saw him I fell in love, with everything. His smile, his eyes, his smell.. After breaking up with B, his friend A texted me literally 3 days later. We started texting and then he said that he didn’t want sth serious, more like sex friends type of relationship. I didn’t completely say yes. Deep down I thought I could change that. Anyways, slept with him 4 times, liked him even more. After the 4th time, no text from him anymore. No calls. Nothing. I texted him 4 times told him how much of an asshole he is, read my messages and then ghosted me. 3 months later and I can’t get over a guy who I slept with 4 times. ( heard later on that my ex back in august asked B to do this “play me” so that he gets his “revenge” in some type of way, because I wasn’t so interested in B from the first place and the moment I saw his friend I fell head over heels. Any advice on how to move on ? ( I feel like I will never get over him because he’s literally perfect in all aspects of life) thanks ❤️

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    if a guy sleeps with you at the request of his friend, then what kind of guy is he? you fell for him but he just used you. and then ghosted you. why would you even want to have anything to do with a man who has treated you this way? but to be fair to this guy, he did tell you he is only looking for sex. and you still went ahead with it. that was entirely your mistake. i think you need to look at this in the right perspective. which is that this was just a fling and you had a gud time. time to forget this.

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    You cannot get over him because he is “literally perfect in ever aspect of life”. Re-read your own post. This guy is a total jerk. Think worse of him and better of yourself going forward.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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