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    Hi there I am recently divorced and ended up hooking up with a guy I know through some friends. It was fun, and we planned another night to hang out. We chatted on and off until that happened, called each other a few times. He called me and had a long conversation that he really cared about me and wants to make sure we’re friends first and wants to see me doing well… etc, etc. Then we hung out and I slept over and we had a good time drinking and hooking up. He was pretty honest that he’s dealing with some things, as am I, and we weren’t really sure where things stood. But I made it clear I wasn’t looking for anything and if it happens again, great, if not that was ok too. Then after that happened I messaged a couple times (to just check in and friendly chat and/or hook up) and he kept leaving me on read and/or responding very sporadically.
    Then I get a message that he’s sorry he’s been messaging me not as fast as he should be and that he just hasn’t has the mind for a lot of things. He means no disrespect. He hopes I’m doing well, etc. He had a chance in his day to message me so he figured he’d reach out but had to get back to work and have a good day. I responded thank you. Appreciate the honesty. Have a good day. Then he calls me tonight. I answered and he didn’t say anything so I hung up asking if it was a pocket dial? He called me again to which I didn’t answer and he said hey no sorry my phone didn’t connect to my car. So I just responded what’s up and he said “just wanted to say hi”.
    Lol wtf? I truly don’t really care, but damn my curiosity is piqued. I just got out of a very toxic relationship and am mad this was my first rebound as it feels so much more complicated than it needed to be. Is he just an F boy, or does it sound like he’s got some issues he’s dealing with? Lol

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    You are contradicting yourself all over the place. If you truly didn’t care whether anything else happens with him or not you wouldn’t be posting here to analyze his behavior. He told you he was dealing with stuff, he was honest about that, so why are you asking if he’s a F-boy or what??

    What changed from when you said you weren’t looking for anything, but then you find it annoying that he doesn’t respond to you immediately when you chase him? You’re not being honest with yourself about what you want out of this. It was a fling. I think you are secretly hoping it will turn into more. It probably won’t. But this guy will drop in and out for a little fun and ego stroke as long as you allow it.

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    Be wise and be by yourself, only going on dates and no flings.

    A guy sees into giving of sex so early without “earning” it as needy behavior. Wait for the guy who “earns” it which requires a lot of discipline on your part. And just a tip…don’t show your cards by reaching out to him until you are exclusive.

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    One more tidbit…if it is confusing, he is nnot the one. Guys don’t play games with a woman he is serious about.

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    I agree with @angie. Not with mary. Anyways you guys had decided at the start that this is casual and both not luking for anythngg serious. So why are you posting here if its so casual and trying to over analyse the situatn. Maybe you want more that casual? If thats the case than this is your cue to cut off things with this guy before u get hurt.

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