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    Is this still a thing ? If so, does anyone on here know how to tell if an ex hired an escort to make an ex jealous?

    Thank you for the replies

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    Need more information, LOTS more…

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    No problem..

    Ex and I broke up less than a month ago. Was told he went to Brazil yesterday with another woman that he just met on Saturday( and this is true) . I know it’s none of my business.. completely get that and that he’s an ex for a reason and I should be happy we are over…but I do wonder if she is an escort. I find it odd that she would go to Brazil with someone she just met a few days ago? Unless there is more to the story

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    NeverMind… this is nothing I should be concerned with. Please forget I made a post but I do appreciate you responding. I do feel like he’s trying to make me jealous as this is how he’s done me before in the past. I haven’t bothered to say or do anything and I need to continue on with my life as if nothing is going on. Sorry to waste time. I sometimes have to check my own self.

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    Yup, he’s an X for a really good reason…

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    If your wondering abt that woman despite yr breakup, it means this is your cue to block/delete him from evrywhere. Initially you will wonder thats normal. But dont let it occupy to much space in ur head.

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    Liz Lemon

    I personally doubt it’s an escort. He could have hired an escort in Brazil, why hire someone in the USA just to pay their plane ticket (which isn’t cheap), etc, when you can hire an escort there?

    He probably didn’t just meet her. You have no idea when he met her….

    Agree that you shouldn’t worry about it, though!

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