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    Trust no one

    [admin deleted]



    Block him. Block him. Block him.


    Liz Lemon

    I see Better Off Single has returned…..



    @Liz, That was my first thought, too…


    ANM Staff

    Yep, spot-on. It’s the same fabricated details, same question as always. Each time I delete the stuff, because after all these years (has it been 6 years of posts like this? wow), we know it will lead to hostile dismissal of the community’s advice, and then lead to claims that the man is stalking her.

    The pattern repeats itself every few months. She’ll post, it’ll slip through, then I’ll block her subsequent attempts. She’ll see the blockade as some kind of challenge, and invest an impressive amount of energy into attempting to get a post through the filter system. After that, every few days, I’ll glance at the forum filter, and see her multiple attempts get caught in that filter as she tries to purchase proxies and VPNs to hammer a post through. The content becomes increasingly bizarre, to the point where she just repeatedly attempts to post “F* you!”.

    I know this comes off as a call-out, which has a bad look. But I’m saying it because this pattern has allowed me to watch a long-term mental health episode play out in real-time.

    I’m hoping that MAYBE pointing out this pattern might bring a bit of sense to the situation. This whole pattern shows a mental health issue which should definitely be treatable… but this isn’t the place to treat it. (Go to a psychologist.)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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