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    Thanks in advance for reading my post! I met a man online back in May. Our first date went well and we met up for a 2nd and 3rd date. Things were progressing nicely, we were getting to know each other and we kissed at the end of the 2nd date. He had mentioned during the 2nd date that he was leaving for a trip to Europe at the end of the month, and he said he would like to see me again before he left. He made plans for a 3rd date during which we walked at a park and had dinner. During the date we were getting more comfortable with each other and we kissed a few more times. He told me he really liked me and would like to see me when he returned. I told him I would like that too, and we ended the date with a warm hug and kiss. He left for his trip a few days later, and he would send me messages and pictures every few days. I really wasn’t expecting constant communication since we had just met and I totally understand that during his vacation he might just want to focus on his trip and all that. I was happy to receivr messages from him and I tried to keep my messages engaging. He continued texting randomly (the time difference also made it harder). It has now been almost a week since I last heard from him and I know he’s back by now because he told me he would be back in the states on the 27th. I might be overthinking it but I had hoped to hear from him by now. If he’s back, I would have loved a message saying hello I’m back, or any sign of life really. I’m probably reading too much into it but I’m wondering what to do. If he wants to reach out should I keep my hopes up, or should I cut my losses and move on?

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    I thnk you can wait for a couple of days and let him connect. Hes just returned. Its possible that he may have to take care of few things since he was away for so many days.

    In case he doesnt, i think its ok for you to drop a casual message asking about his trip..though ideally it wld be best if he messages first. That way atleast you won’t have doubts about his interest level.

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    he is probably jet-lagged a bit so I would give him more time, in the meantime continue to date others, never wait for a man.
    It is possible he decided after only 3 dates that it isn’t for him too, so you need to be prepared for that

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    Liz Lemon

    The 27th was Monday, and you posted this on Tuesday. Today’s Wednesday. I think you’re overthinking and should relax. If a guy you went on 3 dates with in May just got back from a month-long trip to Europe, he probably isn’t going to contact you the next day (or even the 2nd day!)

    I’d give it at least a week before you should worry. Give him time to adjust to jet lag, get settled in, get back to work, etc. I agree with Ewa that you should be prepared that he may have lost interest during the month– who knows. But even if he hasn’t lost interest, he just got back from what was probably a wonderful vacation and will be busy settling back into real life for a bit. So it may take him some time to get in touch.

    Whatever you do, don’t give him the impression you’ve been waiting around anxiously for his return (I hope you haven’t!)– you should be living your own wonderful life and not waiting on a guy you’ve had a handful of dates with. If he gets in touch, great. If he doesn’t, I think it’s OK to send one message to say hi and ask him how his trip was.

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    It shows Low interest. You do nothing

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