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    Me and this guy have been following each other for over a year now. I knew him from when we were younger at school. He always viewed my stuff but never showed any interest or reached out. Neither did I because I generally wasn’t really interested I thought he was a good looking guy but nothing I wanted to act on. He messaged me one day asking to hook up and after a few days of talking and snapping I did. Not sure what it was like for him but for me it was pretty poor honestly. He got to finish but I didn’t, and he seemed kind of disinterested in me he made the first move and initiated the sex but just his attitude he didn’t seem too into me. I didn’t expect him to call back or text or anything after that. We didn’t have a horrible time together we talked for a good half hour it was pretty calm before the sex, and afterward he kicked me out before his mom got home. Again I didn’t expect a relationship or anything so I didn’t reach out neither did he. But a few days after he slowly stopped viewing my stuff and eventually unfollowed me on Instagram but he did keep me on Snapchat weirdly. I deleted him and his number after the unfollow. . I am just confused of why? I could understand if I were being clingy or something like that, and it’s not like my post annoy him or anything because he follows me for a year without contact but directly after we hook up he unfollows on one of my social media. My first thoughts are either the sex was bad for him, he didn’t like my body, or didn’t think I was attractive (Yes I do have low self esteem and I’m working on it). Not sure why he wouldn’t just not have sex with me if he thought those things though. The reason I am so concerned because In the past I would chase guys away by being clingy after sex, and thought I’d try to change my behavior but it still didn’t work… All in all I was hoping to hear some opinions and thoughts on why he unfollowed me on Instagram all of a sudden but kept me on Snapchat right after sex?

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    nothing in your long post showed that you guys are interested in each other. why did you accept his offer of hookup when you dint even feel much? no chemistry? no attraction? no spark. he was probably at a loose end and offered a hookup. he never showed any interest at all in you. just asked for sex and got it. without any dates or meetings. as you said, it wasn’t even great. so forget him. next time hook up with a man who you like atleast and are attracted to! forget this one.

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    May I ask why you care so much? It was an ONS (one night stand) where you admitted there was nothing there other than some sex so why would you care about something as silly as Instagram? If anything you should feel relieved, you said he basically sucked, so why would you want to even associate with him again?

    You need to adopt the “I don’t give a crap attitude.” Seriously when you learn how not to care about stupid stuff, such as this, it makes life a whole lot easier! Change your mindset and say “I don’t care F boy, you sucked anyway” and keep it moving. This is how you develop and keep and maintain your inner power—by not giving a crap what other people think or do.

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    It’s truly not worth worrying about.
    I recently unfollowed a guy on social media that I had one date with. He was fine, whatever. But he posted so much on social media that he was constantly in my newsfeed with stupid stuff and I didn’t really want the reminder of yet another non-match everytime I logged on. I don’t wish him ill or think anything badly of him. I just don’t care that “it’s a great day at the park near me” and “look at my truck” and “here’s a meme about tacos” and “oh look, I’m having a beer”.

    So don’t take it personal, it was never anything anyway.

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    You should have gotten paid.

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    You should have brought a pizza!

    What the fuk did you expect…

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    I’m not trying to bash you, but you need to ask yourself this serious question: if you don’t respect yourself (which shows because you agreed to this arrangement in the first place) then WHY should/would he respect you?

    Women like you who are sexually easy make it so hard for women who want courtship and commitment to be able to receive those things from men. Why put in serious effort with women when they’ll get pleasured anyway? He didn’t even care about you getting an orgasm!

    Now we have a whole hangout and hookup culture. Women were devieved into thinking sleeping around would be empowering, but what we have instead are millions of STDs, millions of abortions, and millions of women secretly hurting (like you are) when the man wants nothing more after a cheap thrill.

    This man probably has a lot of women on his page that he has on standby for hookups.

    I hope you learn from this experience.

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    There was no need to go on a slut shaming rant about woman in this culture. Women can do whatever they want I’m not even speaking on my behalf but on others, and I hate to tell you but even before hookup culture men were cheating and disrespecting their good little housewife types.

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    People do have casual sex in this generation without being considered prostitutes. Your comment was honestly just unnecessary and rude.

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    You’re actually the only helpful response besides the one or two others so thank you!

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    This is a good point. Just from my perspective it’s more thought of as maybe he thought poorly of me, and I know I shouldn’t care but I am the type to care allot about what others think of me. It makes me think maybe I was bad at it or something but you’re right thank you regardless.

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    It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of life does it? Again don’t let this small stupid stuff trip you up, only worry about the big stuff…like say being laid off and not able to pay your rent, those are the one’s that really really suck. This is so insignificant [in the grand scheme of life] that you should forget he even existed because he doesn’t and shouldn’t. Say to yourself ‘glad you’re gone bad F boy” and it will make you feel better—-simple to do by turning a negative into a positive :o)

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