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    I met this handsome bachelor via online. We hit it off and we always get in touch via WhatsApp and he even invited me to his office for twice last summer. He loved kissing me every time we get together for five months. Until one night, he cancelled his flight to his parents just to sleep with me. I am very attracted to him and he was too to me. And he looked forward to see me again, texted me sweet notes for few days.

    Then, that following week, he told me that he couldn’t see me anymore because his mom is sick and he may move near his parents’ area which is 25 miles away. I didn’t see this coming and as far as I know, he holds an exec position in his current job like co owners.

    I got upset and blocked him on WhatsApp. Last night, I tested to unblock him on WhatsApp and he got online many times but without any word. So I decided to block him again and move on.

    I felt jaded and I felt a victim of a one night stand. He is never been married, no kids but want to start a family. I couldn’t give him kids because I had hysterectomy when I was in my 20s.

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    Well he told you he can’t see , reasons don’t matter . But why did you feel the need to block him? That’s very immature move

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    He broke up with you, you move on

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    probably because you made him waiting for sex 5 months.

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    How was the sex?

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    He took a flight for a 25 mile distance? That’s less than what I drive one way to work everyday.
    Something is fishy here…

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    it all sounds very fishy to me. u need to move on

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    Attractive & Fit Woman at 59

    Sex was great.

    Yes-he sounded BS to me.

    I have unblocked and forgiven him in my heart. We still talk about non bf – gf stuff but I keep distance and I already moved on. In fact, I saw him on one dating site and he keeps on denying that he is NOT dating nor sleeping with another girl because he goes home to his parents a lot.

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    If you’re 59 you can’t give him kids, no matter when you had a hysterectomy…

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    When men you’ve recently met online give you stories that don’t add up (especially around when sex begins to get involved), just drop them. A few months is still early and you are just getting to know the person and if they are consistent and really the person they’ve shown you so far. It’s not worth your effort to wonder about what’s going on, because the answer is nothing good and not what you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter why when that is the outcome, and if it did matter why (ie because they’re still invested but truly do have a difficult external circumstance) they’d make sure you knew exactly what was going on and weren’t confused about the situation or their expectations at all.

    You also know there’s a basic dealbreaker incompatibility here so he’s not going to be willing to get serious with you if he really wants his own bio kids.

    I’m glad you’re getting over it, but I’m not sure why you’d even want to stay in touch with him at this point. I don’t believe he had a flight to see his sick parents that he canceled for you. That sounds like a good, romantic story to tell you to make you sound like you’re a priority and convince you to get into bed, but if his mom really is sick and it even is true he did that then him canceling on her makes him a jerk.

    You also don’t need to see yourself as a victim. You took a chance on him and enjoyed the night but it didn’t work out as you hoped. That’s okay, but also good reason to say, next!

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    So true-bad idea to still get in touch with after his BS.

    I just deleted him in my contacts so I can move on completely. I got fooled of sleeping with him cuz I & him made an agreement for a casual dating. But he broke that deal. In other words, he is a jerk as he is actually on a dating site for months now. If he would like to start family, why now that he is turning 50? I don’t get it plus, he still has a room mate even if he earns 3 figures.

    I now moved on by saying “next.” I might try match dot com as ive heard there are serious men out there.

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