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    So me and ex have started talking seeing each other again after a week of no contact. When we met yesterday it felt like the old times. Today I’m feeling loved up and a bit needy. It’s been a very up and down relationship toxic at times and he was verbually abusive and paranoid. Today he saud something to me and its caused me anxiety and im feeling low. He said that he was thinking of moving on and he could have that there was opportunity’s but because he was so into me and his head was messed up he wouldn’t. I asked him if he had been with anyone else or was talking to anyone else and he said no but there were people he thought was showing interest. 2 of his neighbours and a woman in the shop he goes to. He says he can tell because they are overly chatty with him and keep smiling at him and he’s not stupid he knows that they are interested but he said he only wants me. After hearing that my anxiety has been through the roof and I feel different I feel sad. He knows u have trust issues with him id rather not have heard that to be honest. I dont know what to think or feel now. I need some advice am I looking to deep into this?

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    WHY, do you want to get back with someone who is verbally abusive?!

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    A week of no contact is useless. Nothing and no one changes in a week in a toxic situation. Please try to move on unless you enjoy being on a roller coaster that’s always going to crash at the end. Reset the no contact clock, and stick to it to give yourself space to step off the ride.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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