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    Has anyone ever been involved with a guy who doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings as you do but for some reason makes you want him more? I am wondering if I really even like this guy or if it’s because he isn’t reciprocating which may be bruising my ego ? Is this normal?

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    yes, many people do. And it is normal – for about 25% of the population. If this is a pattern often of pining for unavailable or uninterested people, you most likely are anxiously attached. Look up attachment theory to learn more. You can become securely attached with work and focus and no longer be attracted to uninterested partners.

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    And most likely, no, you don’t like him. He is creating an attachment reaction that is familiar to you, most likely from how you were raised. You most likely like the idea of him, or how it would make you feel if he were theoretically interested. However, most likely if he were really interested, you would become less interested until you heal this part of you that likes unavailable people.

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    Better off single

    Are you just friends?

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    LOL – that’s basic human psychology. You want what you can’t have all the more because it’s out of reach.

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    Better off single

    When it seems like someone us playing games with you, but really aren’t because you’re the one playing games, how are you supposed to know if that person is truly interested or not? How do you know you’re wanting what you can’t have when nobody speaks up?

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