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    Hi all,

    Usually, I’m quite clued in with the whole ghosting thing – he disappears, I don’t reach out, but deep down I’m annoyed at his lack of honesty. However, this time I’m a bit confused…

    I met a guy over Christmas and we got on great. We had 3 dates across the 2 week period. We didn’t sleep together or anything. However, he kept hinting that he wasn’t ok. Usually I got messages like “agh I’m ok I suppose” to the “ah I have so much on my plate” but was extremely cryptic about it and I didn’t push either. I was very supportive, from a distance. We both initiated contact daily usually, sometimes more him than me.

    Then 2 weeks ago he replied to my text with a “I’m pissed off, can I be left alone?” So I did, he didn’t reach out for a week. So if I’m honest, I had written him off completely and focused on myself. I just banked it a classic ghosting scenario.

    Then he text me with this message during the week “hey, I’m so sorry that I’ve been quiet. I have so much on and I haven’t been talkative. I am not ghosting you, not intentionally, if that makes sense?” Granted, I just sat on message for a while and just replied and said “I hope you’re ok, if you need me you know where I am” he said “thanks I appreciate it”.

    I was ok with him just not texting me to begin with because I shelved it. Now, do I just delete him completely or check in to see how he is doing?

    Thanks in advance!! Any advice is much appreciated.

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    Im really confused. You usually have a good sensor for ghosters but this guy you can figure out? To me this sounds like the biggest manipulative clown of he clowns. A guy that tells you, can you please leave me alone? Why havent you deleted his number yet? if i were you, i would check your radar. Its not functioning right.

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    Why on Earth would you entertain the thought of checking in?

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    Yeah, I smell BS
    Leave him alone as he wished

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    Liz Lemon

    A guy that texts you “I’m pissed off, can I be left alone?” after 2 weeks of dating is a guy you should delete from your phone. He’s not trying to impress you. At best he will reach out to you on a whim when HE needs an ego boost or wants attention. He’s not thinking of you or the impression he’s making on you in the least. That’s not a guy you want to be giving your time and energy to.

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