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    I had a very bad breakup ,it’s been 2 weeks since then.I was in relationship with him for last 10 months.Between this period,we just lived only 3 months happily.I was very transparent to him ,told him everything about my past .Before meeting him ,i met two other guys in front of my pg school ,one stopped me just to ask what all we are studying,intrested to do grp study,asked my number,I gave.second one ,I met him accidently n mistook him to be one of my classmates.He didn’t asked my number directly but sent of his frns ,I didn’t find anything wrong in sharing my number.Just warned them ,not to misbehave was sober. Another asked me for a date (before I came in relation with my bf)but I refused ,He asked me to meet once,I accepted .during the meeting discussed all ABT official talks,never talked to him in person after tht.I pretty forgot him by the time I met my didn’t share this to him becz of the fear that he may judge wrongly as evryone else was ,just bcz I used to talk and with 2_3 boys of my class after the class .

    One night(when I got committed with my love)I was tensed regarding placements,so I called him,he was sleeping,so I texted him that I need to talk and share my pressure to someone so m talking to my friends.
    The next placement drive was of HCL ,I remembered the guy I met before relation who asked me for a date ,I just pinged him regarding placemnt papers.talked to him formally and next day shared this thing to my bf to which he got angry saying . “How can you message a guy who asked u for a date at this time(at night) ,means you ll be loyal to me till m there for chance m not there ,u need some other guy to share your feelings?”
    I donno y he is taking things wrong ,though I showed him all the msgs ,still he feels that.. I shud not have talked to him becz he will think..I m intrested in him .

    Similarly one of my friend to whom I met one year before through Facebook,in my single days, he msgs me “baby,wassup” I took it casually.. as I already cleared him tht we are only friends..but still he tried to meet me,spend some time in privacy ,but I always ignored ,I nearly stopped talking to him..though he never was vulgar in chats or calls,he used to share each n every detail of his family n friends .. not that good but not that bad too. I felt like sometyms ignoring to his calls..but while being in relation with my bf , I texted him (my frn) as for a long tym I had no talks,neither told him abt my bf,so,asked his number in FB,which I had but due to phone formatting got deleted. My bf saw this msg(he has my FB password )n reacts as if I am a slut,asking for a number to a guy who calls me ‘baby’ without being in relation.
    I had unfriend him in FB before asking his number ,someday ,I don’t even remember ,maybe becz of fear that if he msgs ,n my bf would see, he may take things wrong ,to those things which I take casually.

    My bf kicked me out of the house where we were living saying I was cheating on him.though m not .
    Y I LL cheat him openly? After giving my social media credentials ?after sharing all details of my frns ?

    Once I praised a guy in front of which he thought m comparing him with that guy,n falling for him,so he broke up, n to take revenge he proposed his crush,to which he was just a joke. He asked her crush to send semi-nudes . He himself claims,he wasn’t talking to any gal,then how come she ,being her crush sent him her pics? How she became so close that she started sharing her pics?

    Once I shared my mom’s msg to him,she was telling some good stuffs ,so I shared. To which he said .” Such women are two faced,they act good in front of everyone and beat their hubby’s in private” out of no where how dare he can speak such things to my mom..

    Then he expects ,I don’t feel bad.he is not even guilty of what he said.
    Pls help. Sorry for writing too long .

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    He’s both.
    Stay broken up.

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