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    Anon 2

    I broke up with my partner after three and a half years together…living together for about two and a half of those.

    I done it a few days before lockdown and am now stuck in a spare room in my brothers house on a blow up mattress. I’m 50 years old, not some young naive woman and I feel as if my world has just crashed and burned. If life was normal, yes, it would still be hard but with the world as it is I’m finding it hard not to go completely crazy.

    I’m swinging between grief and missing him, even though I now see lots of things I should have run from in the early days of dating, to feeling excited about my future on my own. I’m up and down so much I just want to lie on this blow up bed and die.

    I’m still working…it would seem airport cleaners are now key workers but it’s so quiet that even going to work is ripping my soul out. My brother and his wife are trying to make me feel welcome but the wife has got my name down for the woman’s refuge when lockdown lifts…I do not want to go I there even though it would probably get me a council house quicker.

    It’s all such a flipping mess and I wish I could just close my eyes and wake up in a few months when at least the world might be back to normal

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    I’ m so sorry Ma’am, I don’t even know what to say …
    But please know that everything comes to an end eventually , I’m talking about bad situations.
    Please gather your courage and look at all of this as something you’ll testify about in a few months . Also, maybe the shelter is not that bad and you’ll surely make new friends there and who knows, build a new beginning ? Nothing is forever, you sound like a very brave woman.
    I hope you stay in good health and learn how to smile again soon.
    Stay strong, sending you much love…

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    I wanted to add that the breakup surely happened for good reasons . They hurt regardless of our ages and shapes .
    Make a new start out of it, stay clean, keep taking good care of yourself and stay beautiful.
    Who knows whose other gentleman’s attention you could catch again ?…

    Cheers !!

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    You are the kind of person that inspires us all to get better and look forward to our futures. The way you worded what you wrote, I don’t know, it gave me more hope than any kind of inspirational quotes anyone has written in the past few weeks. I see a specular future of strength and resilience for you and for the first time in your life a true love for yourself.

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    If your sister in law feels you should be in a womens shelter than i guess that means you were in an abusive relationship and got out. Sometimes a nasty virus can be a blessing like in this case. Because you cant go back. I agree with alia you can be an example of someone who choses . Just take one day at a time for now. This shut down does make people feel lonely and isolated but it will end. I dont know what country you are in, but If its safe i would for sure go to the womens shelter. If you also get help to move forward. Where i live thats the case. You can sort yourself out with a counselor and when youre ready you can go to a rent control house. If its not safe, i would rent a room somewhere. Its not smart to depend on your brother and wife for too long. It puts a strain on all of you. I had to start over at 49, for totally different reasons. For once i decided not to do it all myself and got help. Its was such an enlightment. I still profit from it everyday being totally happy. Good luck and after a while the journey will get better

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    Agree with everyone above, you are a strong woman, and things will get better, slowly but surely! It’s hard but try not to let your heartbreak take up your thoughts. Hang out with your brother and his family, it’s a precious opportunity that you are living in the same house!

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