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    I don’t really know if anyone will have answer for me in this as I notice that people pay more attention to crazies here. But however, I have read somethings online that you should ask a man for help to bring him close or make him attracted.

    I was with a date with this guy and my back button on my shirt was undone so I ask him to fix for me. After I thanked him politely and I feel after that he was so relaxed and maybe open more with feelings and life story.

    Is this a good example of asking a man for help?

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    I do think men like to feel needed but I think you asking him for help should come from a place of genuinely wanting his assistance versus doing it to make him feel attracted.

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    My shirt genuinely needed fixing and I couldn’t reach it well so for sure I wanted assistance. After now I am thinking about it this way.

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    Better off single

    You want to get a guy attracted to you boost his ego and point out the little things like that you like/appreciate.

    If he opens the car door for you, get in, open the car door for him on the inside.

    Tell him he looks sexy in that shirt.

    Little things make a big impact so always smile and stay sweet.

    If you want him to run away get critical needy and controlling.

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    I think what you did was to allow the guy to physical connect with you, which lets down a barrier. In his mind he was like, OK, great, she’s not repulsed by me, date is going well. Face it, if you were creeped out and repulsed by him, you would not have asked him to help with the button.

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    Sorry but this isn’t how men become attracted to or interested in a lady.

    A man’s attraction and interest is at a primal level which is based on tangible (physical) and intangible (personality/energy) traits such as the way you talk, walk, laugh, smell…that makes his stomach flutter. When a woman naturally feels that ‘special something’ that other ladies he encounters don’t have it sparks something deep with him and is naturally drawn her like a moth to a flame. For example, my ex husband developed a crush based on a 10 minute conversation we had at a party when I was with my then BF. That’s all it took and he patiently waited until he heard I had broke up with my BF a few months later and instantly started the pursuit by letting me know he was interested in courting me.

    When a man is attracted and interested this way he will naturally OFFER and WANT TO help you without you asking, prompintiung or persuading him to do it. This man wants to make the lady HAPPY and by doing things for her and seeing her light up and smile when he does is how he derives pleasure from it.

    He did nothing that he wouldn’t do for his sister or mother if asked. Trying to attract a man this way isn’t going to work if his stomach doesn’t flutter when he’s around you.

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    argh…meant when “A MAN (not woman) naturally feels that ‘special something’…”

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    I do think there is some truth to the fact men start feeling a bond with you when they’re doing things to help you. But I don’t think something as small as helping you hook a button qualifies. That took what 10 seconds?!? You don’t say if this was a first date, but I’m assuming it was the way you talk about him relaxing and opening up. Ideally when I was first dating I preferred to bring up something I needed to get done and have the guy volunteer to help me with it. That worked several times when I was dating my husband. I would say I was going to hire someone to cut some limbs on a tree that were rubbing against the house or I was going to get a mechanic to look at something wrong with my car and he would say no, don’t pay someone to do it, that’s something I can help you with. Plus doing things like working together to take down a tree took several hours and showed us how well we worked together as a team. Not all guys are handy at everything so find something your guy is skilled at to bring up. Maybe it’s a problem with your computer, your tv, or you need help moving a piece of furniture. Something he can help you with and also spend some time with you at the same time. Just bring up and see if he offers. Don’t start asking a guy to do all kinds of things for you if he’s not even your boyfriend yet!!

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    For example

    What it means is if you’re having some issues, and if he could give you some advice, because you value his opinion.

    Or, can he help you move some furniture, because he is strong.

    Stuff where he feels like you’re depending on him

    Not buttoning your blouse.

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    Crisula This makes sense I understand better the point of asking him his help and the tasks. Thank you dear.

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