5 Reasons to Spring Clean Your Closet post image
One of the main reasons so many women face the proverbial “closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” dilemma is their closets are a jumbled mess. Sifting through tightly jammed hangers and overstuffed shelves can be incredibly frustrating and overwhelming, leaving you feeling like you have nothing to wear.

Cleaning out your closest isn’t only practical, it’s economical and can help you save (and even make) money. To help you get the most out of your wardrobe–and save time, money, and stress on a daily basis–Tracy DiNunzio, closet organizing pro and founder of resale marketplaces Tradesy and Tradesy Weddings, is sharing her top  closet cleaning tips.

Here are five good reasons to tackle all that clutter:

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10 Home Decorating Ideas to Spruce Up Your Living Space post image

Whether you’re decorating a new place or you’re looking to liven up your current home for spring, adding some new little touches is an easy way to amp up your living space.  It can be something as little as adding a new flea market knick knack or as large as refinishing a piece of furniture – regardless of what your new addition is, your house will feel fresh and lively with it.

Here are 10 ways to add amp up your living space this spring:

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Are You Addicted to Approval? post image

Are You Addicted to Approval?

There is an epidemic that is reaching an all-time high. It’s called AA (Approval Addiction), and luckily, you can overcome in it less than 12 steps.

In this day and age, if you cook a nice dinner you take a pic and post in on Instagram; if you have a cool sense of style, you start a personal style blog; if you do a good deed, you post about it on Facebook. There is very little that’s kept private and personal and as a result, the vast majority of us have become addicted to approval.

I’m not saying I’m immune. I will admit that if I write what I consider to be a great article and it gets a lackluster response (or worse, no response at all!), I feel a little bummed. And if an article I wrote gets an extremely positive response, I’m ecstatic.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling happy when something you did gets praised. The problem emerges when you rely too heavily on the approval of others and not enough on how you feel about yourself. [continue reading…]

5 Foods to Help You Sleep Better post image

While most of us are overworked and sleep deprived, it’s not always easy to actually fall asleep once the lights are out. Below are a list of foods that will help you get more (and better quality) shut eye. [continue reading…]

ANM Review: I Had a Psychic Reading post image

As a fashion and beauty writer, I get all kinds of cool perks and freebies. One of the coolest offers I’ve received in a long time was a free hour-long psychic reading from Psychic Source.

I’ve had a few experiences with psychics in the past, mostly as fashion or beauty events where I had quick readings that lasted a few minutes. All of those experiences were positive and did give me interesting insights so I was really stoked to get a full hour.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I called in for my reading. I think I kind of envisioned  her looking into a crystal ball or shuffling some cards to lay out on the table that would  reveal exactly how my life was going to unfold, like they do in the movies. It didn’t quite happen that way, but I did get a lot of clarity and direction.

Here’s what went down: [continue reading…]

7 Rules for Dealing With Difficult People post image

A few things are inevitable in life: death, taxes…. and dealing with difficult people. From work to friendships to romantic relationships, difficult interactions can hit us from all angles and can take a heavy toll on us.

A few days ago, I was doing some much needed reorganizing and I found this packet from a class I think I took many moons ago. I can’t remember who taught it, but the packet was filled with amazing and hilarious “rules” for dealing with difficult people.

Within these humorous insights are pearls of wisdom that can help you keep your cool during an argument or any other trying exchange.

I really wish I could give you the source, but no names were written on the sheet so all I have is the information. I couldn’t keep it all to myself though, so here are some amazing (and I’d even say life-changing) rules for dealing with difficult people:

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Food, Fitness, & Fetishes: The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Guide post image

Single? Engaged? A fan of V-day? Indifferent? Here’s the ULTIMATE guide to Valentine’s Day, from chocolate, to Cupid’s marathons, to sex moves that scorch calories. You don’t have to love fitness to love this guide. [continue reading…]

Binge Eating: How to Stop This Destructive Habit post image

Overeating on special occasions – a birthday dinner, holiday meal or during vacation – won’t derail you from reaching your health and weight loss goals.  After all, indulging within reason is a key component to any healthy diet.

However, regular binge eating is extremely detrimental, even if you are “healthy” most of the time. So if you find yourself making your way through peanut butter jars, pints of ice cream, and boxes of cereal in just one sitting, it’s time to get a handle on this destructive habit and consider the following tips. (Take it from someone who’s been there!)

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7 Tips to Detox Your Body (No Fasting Necessary!) post image

Winter is a rough time when it comes to fitness and healthy eating. It’s cold, it’s dark, and there’s not much motivation to hit the gym since you can hide behind layers of cozy clothing. While most people get an dose of motivation around New Year’s, according to Time Magazine, “60% of gym memberships go unused and attendance is usually back to normal by mid-February.”

So how do you kick off the new year after a holiday fueled with “one more bite”? How do you create the right environment for your body to keep up with your resolutions all year long?

The answer: Detox. (And no we are not talking about a juice cleanse!)

See below as fitness and nutrition expert Amanda Obregon gives us 7 tips on how to refresh and cleanse our bodies both through fitness and healthy eating.

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Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe: Indulge Without the Guilt This Winter! post image

Whenever I need a recipe idea, the very first resource I consult is Tara Stiles. Not only is this yoga guru extremely talented, beautiful, and sweet, but she comes up with the best healthy, easy-to-make recipes I have ever seen. Every time I watch one of her cooking videos on YouTube, I find myself saying, “I want to make that now!” And unlike some of the fancy recipes I add to Pinterest, I actually do. Her Arugula-Red Pepper-Hummus Tortillas are a lunch staple, and the Detox Kale Crunch Salad was just what I needed after overindulging during the holidays.

I know that it’s cold out and you just want comfort foods and treats to snuggle up with on the couch. Trust me, I get it. My sweet tooth seems to kick into overdrive this time of year! And when I was tasked with making a dessert for a  co-worker’s birthday recently, I thought hard about what would be yummy and healthy, and then I came up with this recipe! (Who doesn’t like peanut butter and chocolate?!) [continue reading…]

Workout Review: Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs DVD post image

I would venture to guess that the motivation that comes with setting New Year’s resolutions is already starting to wane ever so slightly. (It is Blue Monday after all.) Am I right? It’s cold…you’re carrying five extra post-holiday pounds…your skinny jeans are tight. And did I mention it’s coooold out?! I hear ya — but don’t surrender to your environment and get stuck in a slump!

I think it’s always a good idea to have a few workout DVDs on hand this time of year. I’m all for making my life easier, and friends, we still need to sweat this season. A lot. That’s exactly what you’ll do with the Jillian Michaels Buns & Thighs DVD. I chose to try this one because well, my flat-as-a-pancake posterior has much to be desired, and I knew that the Tough Love Queen would push me harder than I could on my own. Want to get your butt kicked? This workout will do it…literally.

I’m a pretty fit gal who enjoys the types of plyometric circuit workouts that Jillian promotes. Burpees? Love ‘em. Pushups? Bring ‘em on. The varying movements never get boring and I love being challenged in multiple ways at once. In this video, an exercise that works your core will also likely challenge your upper body strength and balancing abilities.

So as you can see, I’m not a beginner, but I will try to write this review in a way that can be beneficial for everyone. [continue reading…]

Best Workout Gear to Get Your Fitness On In 2013 post image

Happy New Year and welcome to 2013!  I’m hoping everyone’s holidays were absolutely fabulous and if they were anything like mine, you overindulged in plenty of food and drink. And now that can only mean one thing – time to hit the gym to drop those holiday pounds and start those New Year’s resolutions.

Hitting the gym can be tough, but looking fabulous while breaking a sweat doesn’t have to be and investing in some new fitness gear is always an extra little motivator to get that workout in.  So here are 10 great items to get your fitness on in style! [continue reading…]

Lose Weight Without Dieting Tip #11: Don’t Let Friends Get You off Course post image

Who hasn’t bonded with girlfriends over mounds of French fries and pints of ice cream? But it’s time to ask yourself if that “bond” (which inevitably leaves you feeling bloated and guilty later) is truly worth it.

Here are three key tips to dealing with friends and food: [continue reading…]

New Years Resolutions: How to Be Successful With Your Health and Fitness Goals post image

Hey guys! How are you feeling now that the holidays are over? Do your skinny jeans still fit? I hope so!

I’m sure you’re starting to put your New Year’s health resolutions into place, but before you do, take a minute to consider these points: [continue reading…]

5 Tips To Be a Better You This Year post image

A new year is upon us and with that, a time to turn over a new leaf and make some tweaks to ensure this year is better than the last.

New Year’s Resolutions are great and all, but they are usually superficial (lose weight, quit smoking, stop procrastinating, etc.) and don’t lead to lasting changes since it’s all over the first time you slip up. Getting what you really want out of life requires internal changes that in turn, change the way things work out in your life.

To help you get more happiness and satisfaction out of your life, I’ve rounded up five essential tips to help you be at your best.

[continue reading…]

7 Tips to Stay Fit this Winter post image

7 Tips to Stay Fit this Winter

The most common statement I hear during the winter months is: “I’ve never successfully gotten through a winter. I always gain weight.” It’s painstakingly true: Once the cold weather starts creeping in, so do the pounds.. and quite frankly, at this time of year, it’s much easier to hop into sweats than it is to hop on the treadmill.

But it’s permissible because nobody can see what you look like under layers of sweaters, right? WRONG! You see yourself everyday and that’s the only person you really have to answer to at the end of the day. So why not answer to a fit, healthy, happy self?
This winter, don’t put your health and fitness goals on ice, and DON’T claim to “start tomorrow” or “make it your new year’s resolution” (as we’ve all infamously exclaimed before).

Instead, replace the words “diet” with “lifestyle” and follow these 7 tips below to ensure your success. [continue reading…]

Holiday Gift Ideas Part 3: For The Guys in Your Life post image

Ah, so here we are – the guy gifting.  This always seems to be the hardest part about shopping for the holidays, and I’ve definitely been in this difficult spot before.  But before you start freaking out and wracking your brain, let me help you with some gift ideas for the special men in your life.  Shopping for the guys doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems – my tip is to start with a hobby or things he’s interested and go from there.  A simple Google search can bring up a slew of ideas to help you out.  And if you’re still unsure on what to get, then hopefully this list will help!

Again, I know that there are also really great grandpa’s and uncles out there, but to keep this list from going on from here to Mars I kept things basic. [continue reading…]

Holiday Gift Ideas Part 2: For the Ladies in Your Life post image

Welcome to part two of my holiday gift series and it’s all about the wonderful ladies in your life!  Where would we be without our girlfriends, sisters, and moms by our sides?  They’re there with us every step of the way, are shoulders to cry on, our best support system, and the people we love to have fun with and because of that they deserve a little something special for being such a fabulous part of your life.  Here are some gift ideas for these amazing women to help you find the perfect gift.

Please note, I know that there are also rockin’ grandmas and aunts out there too but I kept it to the basics here or this list could have gone on forever.  The gifts on this list are also great options for those fab ladies in your life, too!

[continue reading…]

Social Eating: How to Stay on Track During the Holidays post image

Sure, eating is fun — a lot of fun — particularly when you’re out with a group celebrating a special occasion. ‘Tis the season for ugly Christmas sweater parties, cookie swaps and extra-jolly happy hours. Temptation is everywhere you turn right now, so you might wondering if it’s even possible to avoid gaining five (or 10!) pounds this year? The answer: Yes.

Consider these tips no matter what scenario you find yourself in: [continue reading…]

Holiday Gift Ideas Part 1: For the Party Hostess post image

The holidays are a great time of year, but there’s always the daunting task of trying to find the perfect gift for all of the beautiful people in your life. I LOVE coming up with gift ideas, but if you’re like 98% of my friends and family the thought of gift shopping stops you dead in your tracks.  So here I am to share with you some ideas to help get you through the process with ease and to find the perfect gift for that someone special.

We’re going to kick things off with the party hostess.  One of the best parts about the holiday season is the parties. What’s better than mingling with your family and/or friends while sipping festive cocktails and stuffing your face with food?  Nothing.  And these overindulging festivities wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of your favorite hostess with the mostess, which is why I find it in good taste to bring a gift to show your gratitude for the invite.

Here are some gifting ideas to really flatter the party planners in your life:

[continue reading…]

Lose Weight Without Dieting Tip #10: Snack Smarter post image

Now that you’re eating a healthy breakfast every morning and making better choices at lunch and dinner, it would be a shame to blow it in between meals, wouldn’t it?

Here are my tips on how to snack smarter:

Munch mindfully: As you know by now, I am a huge advocate of mindful eating, and snacking is not an exception. It doesn’t have to be a painful process, but it does take a little bit of effort and awareness. Oh, and a positive attitude. Yep, that always helps. Be thoughtful when you’re snacking—put fruit or popcorn in a bowl and don’t eat standing up.

If you eat a piece of string cheese on the short walk from your fridge to the computer, chances are, your brain won’t actually register than you had something to eat. But unfortunately, it counts. Every handful, every nibble…it all counts, whether you took the time to actually taste and enjoy it or not. And think of it this way: Consuming 500 less calories a day for a week is a one-pound weight loss. Do you really want to use up those precious calories on bites that you hardly even remember? [continue reading…]

Lose Weight Without Dieting Tip #9: Be a More Mindful Eater post image

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned the importance of mindful eating, and it most certainly won’t be the last. I know that carefully thinking through food choices probably seems like a massive chore (especially when you’re out with friends or tired at the end of the day), but please trust me—it is always worth it. It’s kind of like working out—you’ll never, ever regret doing it! And just like exercise, consistency is key with mindful eating!

How often do cravings hit at mealtime? Do you frequently indulge them? If you wake up in the morning with a hankering for pancakes or a fatty breakfast sandwich, gulp down a glass of water and pause for a minute to ask yourself if it’s really worth it. [continue reading…]

5 Hidden Benefits of Exercise post image

5 Hidden Benefits of Exercise

With more than a third of Americans classified as obese, everyone from first lady Michelle Obama to TV news anchor Katie Couric is advocating exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s great, says Dr. Eudene Harry, author of “Live Younger in 8 Simple Steps,” but the benefits of exercise go far beyond fitting into those skinny jeans. In fact, they extend to everything from your complexion to your mood to your digestive health.

To get you motivated to break a sweat, Dr. Harry has revealed five major (but less publicized) benefits of exercise.

[continue reading…]

Lose Weight Without Dieting Tip #8: Make Smarter Dinner Choices post image

How’s the meal planning coming along, everyone? Are you ready to discuss how to eat healthier at dinner? A lot of people really struggle with making good choices at the end of the day for various reasons. It could be because they are tired, unprepared, or flat out feel like they deserve a treat.

I get it, I’ve been there. But if you want to shake some pounds, you need to commit to being a bit more prepared and mindful in the evenings. Below are a few tips that have helped me tremendously. [continue reading…]

Lose Weight Without Dieting Tip #7: Create Better Habits at Lunch post image

Now that you’re starting off your day with a healthy breakfast, we can move on to lunch. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so I let myself indulge a little in the morning (ie. Homemade French Toast or Almond Butter Jar Oatmeal), which usually makes it easier for me to eat healthy the rest of the day.

How many of you are squirming in your seat as you count down the minutes until lunchtime? If you’re reaching for your lunch at 11:59am every day, take a second to pause and ask yourself if you are actually hungry yet. If your tummy is really grumbling at this time, you might need to go back and reevaluate what you had for breakfast.

Whenever I start getting antsy for lunch at noon, but I know that I’m not hungry, I distract myself with a project at work to take my mind off eating. (Don’t eat just because the clock says it’s time, as Bethenny Frankel says.) I’ll say, “Ok, I’m not going to get out of my chair until I finish X.” And usually, a whole hour passes, I feel good about being productive and then I’m ready to eat! Students can follow the same rule with homework or reading assignments.

So, what are you eating for lunch? Do you plan it the night before? Eat vending machine popcorn? Grab a slice of pizza? Or do you skip it all together? I hope not! [continue reading…]

Lose Weight Without Dieting Tip #6: Build a Better Breakfast post image

We’re going to go back to basics today and talk about breakfast. Are you eating it? Regularly? Does your morning meal sustain you until lunch? Yes, folks, everything your mom told you about the first meal of the day is true: It’s important.

Why you should eat in the am: When you eat breakfast, you are literally doing just that…breaking the fast from the night before. You need fuel in your tank to function at your best and to rev up your metabolism. If you skip breakfast, your body will hold onto the food you consume next (lunch) for as long as possible instead of burning it right away. Essentially your body is saying, “Food, finally! Gotta hold onto these nutrients—who knows when I will get them again!”

Weight loss and eating breakfast has been linked multiple times, so do I really need to convince you to make this a priority? Plus, who doesn’t want an opportunity to eat?! Also, studies have shown that those who skip breakfast have a tendency to consume more food than usual the next chance they get and have a higher tendency to snack on high-calorie foods. [continue reading…]

Lose Weight Without Dieting Tip #5: Get a Grip on Emotional Eating post image

Now that summer is over and the temps are getting cooler, it’s only natural to get a case of the blahs. But don’t give up and undo your good efforts and hard work from previous months—I won’t let you! Whether you’re seriously going through a rough time or just find yourself a bit bored with life in general, think about these rules the next time you want to Band-Aid the situation with a bag of Doritos. [continue reading…]

Lose Weight Without Dieting Tip #4: Set Yourself up for Success post image

Now that you’re getting more sleep and consuming less sugar (right?), it’s important to take a closer look at how you are setting yourself up to succeed in your weight loss efforts. Are your choices helping you or making it harderfor you to reach your goals? Because really, healthy eating is not about willpower—it’s about making conscious decisions that help make it easier for you to make good decisions. Chew on this: [continue reading…]

Lose Weight Without Dieting Tip #3: Take Control of Your Sleep, Sugar Cravings, and Stress post image

The last time I checked in, I emphasized the importance of making small, conscious lifestyle changes. Continue to think about how these efforts can really impact the big picture—whether you set an intention to go on a walk twice a week, drink more water daily, increase the intensity of your workouts or add more veggies to your meals.

Now, I’m going to hit ya with a little tough love and ask you to take it a step further. I know this might not be very much fun, but you really need to start taking control of—and owning up to—your actions. What do I mean? Well, I’ll put it in language we all can understand these days: Facebook.

Status Update #1 @ 4pm: Third Starbucks trip of the day! #grandesoylattePLEASE
Status Update #2 @ 1:30am: Omgggg Why am I still awake??? #fml
Status Update #3 @ 9am: Need…coffee…now #ughhhh

Ok, so I’m exaggerating a bit to make a point, but I HAVE seen similar updates on Facebook. The thing is, when it comes to your body, everything is connected. Don’t drink multiple cups of caffeine a day—particularly late in the afternoon—and then wonder why in the world you can’t get to sleep at night! Sure, there may be other contributing factors, but trust me, your Starbucks habit is not helping.

People in general tend to make excuses that have them believing there’s just nothing they can do to change. I know, I used to be one of them. But it’s time to get a grip and think about three of the biggest hindrances to weight loss: [continue reading…]

Lose Weight Without Dieting—Tip #2: Small Changes Yield BIG Results! post image

Ok, now that everyone has taken on a positive attitude towards being a healthy, mindful eater, it’s time to start thinking about the small food or fitness changes you could start implementing into your daily life. If you have an “all or nothing” mentality, it’s time to get rid of it, starting….now.

Want to hop off the yo-yo diet and weight loss bandwagon? Read on! [continue reading…]

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