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If He’s Pulling Away, Do This…

Here’s how I made him fall madly in love with me again (after months of him pulling away)…

Everything started out great with my guy, Ryan. It was rare for me to get excited about a man, but things with him felt special.

And I know he felt it too. You could hear it in his voice, see it in the sparkle in his eye.

The attentiveness. The frequent texts. The enthusiasm and attention whenever we connected.

But then suddenly, something changed.

I’m Christine and when the man I loved started pulling away, I felt completely confused.

Was I imagining things?

Less texts, less calls, no eagerness to plan dates. It felt like he was emotionally “checked out”.

What was happening?

I tried to look my best, be the “cool, fun girl”, give him space…

But no matter what I tried, nothing helped. His interest in me kept draining away while I watched helplessly.

The thought of losing his love terrified me and I was desperate to fix things.

I was feeling hopeless and ready to give up…

…Until one curious night of searching on Google changed everything.

It was a Sunday night and I was feeling panicked and slightly terrified.

I couldn’t sleep. My mind was racing with fears that something was seriously wrong.

Did I screw something up? When did things change? Was it something I said? Is he just not attracted to me anymore? Is he bored with me? Is there another woman?

But more than that, I was feeling my heart break. I felt so afraid the end was coming with him.

I remember the tears rolling down my face, thinking about how much I missed the way things were before. I missed his energy, his warmth, his devilish grins.

This was my love story and now all I could think about was how hopeless it all felt, trying to figure out what happened…

I couldn’t figure it out, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it either.

My mind was relentless, analyzing every detail of our relationship, obsessively searching for hidden clues… and I was starting to feel crazy.

I needed to understand what happened and what would get his interest back.

I needed a real expert. Someone who really understood my situation and could tell me exactly what to do to fix things.

So I went to Google to find some answers.

And that’s when I found A New Mode, which led me to relationship experts Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis, two experts who specialize in helping women with this!


What to do if a man is losing interest… and exactly how to bring his love back.

The first thing that struck me about Eric and Sabrina’s work is how deeply they’ve studied how men fall in love, why they fall out of love and what brings a man’s love back.

Their advice was different. So much of what’s out there talks about a problem and then gives a little tip to deal with the surface level of the question.

But Eric and Sabrina were ruthlessly dedicated to addressing the root cause of the problem. I was shocked at how much they knew about my own situation as I read their articles… it was like they were reading my mind, pouring over every step of my relationship.

Granted, they’ve been relationship coaches for over a decade with a huge track record of success, so it makes sense they’d have such insight into what really works with men.

Eric explained that there’s something crucial to realize when it comes to creating deep love with a man:

“Men don’t process emotions in the same way women do, and so men don’t fall in love the same way that women do. If you want him to feel love for you, you have to ‘aim’ for a different emotion in men.

When you understand what actually connects with his heart and triggers love with him, your love life becomes a whole lot easier.”

Everything Eric said sounded true and it all made sense, but would this work in my situation?

Eric went on, “It’s normal for men to go into their shell from time to time in any relationship. But when a man is pulling away for a long time (like multiple days or weeks), it’s a sign that something is missing from the relationship emotionally.

“You need to ‘speak to’ what triggers love in him. When you understand men and how men think, it’s easy to ‘speak to’ him in a way he feels on a deep, instinctual level.

“The result? You ‘trigger’ love in him. Talking to you, connecting with you, being with you… all sends a flood of ‘bonding chemicals’ through his brain, which makes him feel amazing and bonds him to you. It changes how he sees you and how he experiences you, to the point where you could say it’s like he’s addicted to you.

(Eric would explain it better than I could, but all of this is backed by science too. Researchers at Rutgers University have documented this neural mechanism for falling in love. And you may have read about recent breakthrough studies about the reward mechanisms of dopamine, the bonding effects of oxytocin and the emotional “high” of endorphins.)

“Thing is, this process is ancient! This emotional trigger itself is deeply programmed into how men work and it’s been in our species for tens of thousands of years.

“All I’ve done is identified the exact ‘triggers’ that activate this bonding experience in love, so you know exactly what to say and do to trigger love with a man whenever you talk to him.

“In other words, when you know what triggers love in a man and ‘how to push those buttons’, you can give him that experience of falling in love with you over and over again.

“It doesn’t matter if he’s been losing interest or pulling away. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been fighting or have had ongoing issues. It doesn’t even matter if there’s been another woman in the picture!

“You are activating a chemical process in him, which means once it’s triggered the effect is overwhelming and irresistible to him. He has no control over it. He feels that love for you and he can’t help it.

“And every time this happens, it deepens his connection with you and keeps the love fresh and strong in your relationship. Think about it: When you know that creating love with him is as easy as pushing a button, you don’t worry about losing him.

“His love becomes obvious: you’ll hear it in his voice, you’ll see it in his face. You’ll know he loves you with all his heart. He’ll want to be with you, he’ll want to make you happy and he’ll want you in his future.

“Once you know it, you have total power and control over your love life. You can look forward to having an amazing, happy relationship that lasts.

“You don’t have to do anything weird, it’s the most easy and natural way you can be. Frankly he won’t know what you did but he’ll be glad you did it.”

At this point, I was intrigued. If this really worked as well as Eric said it did, then this was exactly what I was looking for.

So then how do I do it? What do I need to do to “trigger” his love for me, so he stops pulling away and wants to be with me again?

Eric said, “First, you need to know 2 key things about why men lose interest and pull away in a relationship.”

Key Truth #1 About Why Men Pull Away

“The truth is that when a guy is pulling away, something key is missing from your relationship with him.

“In the beginning, this isn’t a problem. During the beginning phase of the relationship, everything is fresh and new, which keeps his interest. But eventually, that novelty and freshness fades.

“And if the relationship doesn’t have this ‘missing factor’ to keep his interest hooked into your relationship, he’s guaranteed to start drifting away.

“That’s why this ingredient is so crucial. When it’s missing, nothing will stop him from losing interest and pulling away.

“You need him to want you. And this missing ingredient is the only thing that makes a man want you in a way that lasts.

“And so…”

Key Truth #2 About Why Men Pull Away

“If you want him to love you… if you want him to want you and want to be with you… then you need to rewire his brain so he craves to connect with you.

“You can do this by triggering a specific kind of feeling in him, which in turn floods his brain with ‘bonding chemicals’ that make you feel irresistible to him.

“This is how you get him to stop pulling away and want to be with you again.

“Just picture how he’d act if connecting with you made him feel an emotional high unlike anything he’s felt before. How much more interested do you think he’d be? How eager would he be to spend time with you then?”

I realized that this was what I needed to do if I wanted to get Ryan’s interest back.

I needed to trigger his love for me, so he’d stop pulling away and want to come towards me again.

But where do I begin? How can I be sure I can “trigger” his love like this, so he wants to be with me?

I desperately wanted to learn more from Eric and Sabrina. So when I discovered that they were hosting a seminar in New York City, I jumped at the chance to go.

I needed to soak in all their knowledge so I could get my guy to want me again, so my relationship could have a happy future.

Part of me worried that maybe it was too late, maybe my situation was too hopeless… but Sabrina and Eric assured me that this seminar would reveal exactly how to “trigger” his love for me in a way that would work.

The opportunity was too good to pass up. They even offered a full refund to any woman who wasn’t completely satisfied, so there was really nothing to lose. If the advice could help my situation, it would be worth every penny.

I went in expecting to learn a lot… but I didn’t expect just how life changing it would be!

I was blown away by what I learned at the seminar. My mind was racing with the possibilities.

Sabrina and Eric revealed amazing relationship secrets and powerful psychological tactics that they had never shared publicly.

But there was so much more I learned from them, like:

  • The root cause of why men lose interest (and what to do about it)
  • What “triggers” love in a man (and how to push those “buttons” with him in real life)
  • How to be emotionally irresistible to him (even if you’re not the prettiest, slimmest or youngest woman in the room)
  • What men really need in a relationship but can never ask for
  • What makes a man want to pursue you, invest in you and commit to you
  • How to keep his love fresh, so your connection keeps growing deeper and stronger
  • A ritual you can do every day to make him addicted to you
  • How to reach his heart even if he’s typically a difficult, disagreeable or stubborn guy
  • Seemingly innocent mistakes (that I was making) that were killing his interest in me
  • How to erase past mistakes with him as if they never happened
  • How to connect with him when he’s feeling upset, depressed or stressed
  • How to stop playing “fixer” in my relationship and what to do instead
  • How to make him want me again (after it seemed like it was hopeless and “too late”)

Eric and Sabrina completely transformed the way I saw men and what was truly possible.

At that point, everything had changed for me. I was no longer lost and confused. I knew exactly what I needed to do and say to save my relationship.

And what happened next was nearly a miracle.

I texted Ryan casually and dropped in one of the simple “love triggers” I had learned.

And it was like magic! Suddenly, Ryan was texting me enthusiastically, just like when our relationship was at its best.

“Are you free tonight?”

Could it really be this easy?

When we met up, he said, “Wow, you look amazing,” and pulled me in close. I could feel the strength of his arms around me, like he was really there again.

So, feeling more confident, I tried another love trigger during our chat. It was like something in him woke up, and he started talking to me with so much enthusiasm.

I just listened, not wanting to interrupt this wonderful change.

I won’t get into all the details, but that night changed everything in our relationship.

But I can tell you that my relationship has never been better. Ryan is so attentive, loving, and close. It’s like he’s a different person from before.

By now, you’re probably wondering why I wrote this article. For one, I wanted to let other women out there know that there really is hope – you can bring his love back, even when it seems hopeless.

But also, I owe it all to Eric and Sabrina. They’ve figured out a solution that really works, and they’ve dedicated their lives to helping women like us.

Eric and Sabrina have put together an article that I believe every woman should read. It’s based on the seminar that I attended and contains a lot of the same information.

If you want to see how to trigger love in the man you want then you should read this right away, don’t miss out! (Click Here)

What Eric and Sabrina shared changed my life. My relationship is better than ever and I know you can have the same results. I am finally free from my fears and insecurities… no longer wondering if my man will leave or how he feels about me. My life is so full of happiness and love now, and this wouldn’t be the case if not for Eric and Sabrina.

Hope this helps,

P.S. If you want to stop a man from losing interest and pulling away, then time is of the essence. Read the article to trigger his love, so he wants to be with you again. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m living proof that this works!

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