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If He’s Pulling Away, Do This…

I’m going to share exactly how I made the man I wanted obsessed with me and desperate to commit to me.

After years of heartbreak and pain, I finally discovered what makes a man fall hard and truly commit. It’s an unusual trick that literally causes him to become addicted to you and only you.

I’m Natalie. I live in the United States and I’m not the youngest or prettiest girl around. And when it came to my dating life, well, let’s just say it was always a mess.

I used to be the worst with men. I just didn’t understand them at all. One after the next my relationships would all fall apart and I would be left baffled and frustrated with no idea what went wrong. It was always the same. I thought we shared a great connection and everything seemed to be going well … then suddenly he would lose interest, pull away, and flat out disappear. That was the story of my life.

One guy broke up with me because he said I was “too needy.” I always had a feeling deep down that he would leave … and it didn’t feel good when I was right.

Maybe I just wasn’t pretty enough, or skinny enough. It seemed like guys only wanted super hot girls, or girls with really flirtatious personalities, and that just wasn’t me. I felt so frustrated and resigned myself to the fact that maybe I would end up alone … or have to settle.

I would also see women who really didn’t seem like anything special get high quality, good looking, successful, charismatic men, and these men seemed to be crazy about these not to special women!

I didn’t get it. These women were getting the royal treatment from amazing men while I kept reliving the same heartbreak: meet a guy, things start out great, he seems to be losing interest and starts pulling away, then he leaves … what was I doing wrong?

Maybe I was just a placeholder girl, a good “short term” girlfriend until someone better came around. I was just about ready to give up on dating completely…

… Until I decided to hit up Google, hoping to find any shred of hope, and suddenly everything changed for me.

It was a Sunday morning and I was feeling panicked and slightly terrified.

Same story, different day. I was dating a man who I was really excited about — this one seemed to be a keeper and the relationship was everything I’ve always wanted.

But soon enough, I began to see those familiar signs. The loss of interest, the pulling away … the thought of losing him left me paralyzed. I can’t go through this again, not with him.

So I decided to search for the best advice on what to do…

I needed to find a real expert. I needed someone who actually knew what they were talking about and could give me a unique perspective on what men really want.

And then I found A New Mode, which led me to relationship experts Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis, a duo who really know they’re stuff!

The Biggest Mistake Women Make That Makes A Man Pull Away

Eric and Sabrina have been professional relationship counselors for over a decade, and they devote their lives to studying love like a science.

And that day, they shared the most important thing they’ve discovered:

“If a man feels like you have an agenda and you’re trying to force him into a relationship, the majority of the time his defenses will get activated. It’s not a conscious choice on his part, but his instincts will be telling him to move away, that you’re not “the one,” that you are trying to take his freedom away. Suddenly, he will put up a wall and avoid connecting with you on an emotional level at all costs.”

Yes! This made so much sense to me. This explained why my guy was pulling away. It seemed like the more effort I put into making a relationship happen, the more emotionally closed off he became.

Eric shared a further insight that changed my life..

He said: “A man immediately puts his guard up when he feels like a woman is trying to get something out of him, it’s almost like he’s under attack. This is why you’ll notice he emotionally withdraws and goes cold. At that point, it’s impossible for love to develop, and it basically kills the relationship.”

“This is why you’ll probably notice that the guys you really want don’t want you back. It’s when you want love the most and desperately seek it that you unknowingly sabotage yourself and ruin your chances of getting what you want with this guy. Suddenly, you’re desperately chasing after his love … and you endlessly stress about the fact that he doesn’t seem invested in the relationship.”

Wow, what a lightbulb moment!

I thought it couldn’t get any better, but what I learned next absolutely changed my life.

Eric said, “Now, once a man sees you as ‘the one’ everything goes in your favor and he’s the one desperately pursuing you.. He doesn’t see you as a woman who is trying to “lock him down” and take away his freedom, he sees you as his partner in crime, his other half, the woman he’s been searching for his whole life.”

He continues… “He won’t worry about missing out on the next best thing, he won’t wonder if he’s ‘settling’ and if he could do better, he won’t worry about losing his ‘freedom,’ because things like freedom pale in comparison to being with a woman like you. It’s a no brainer for him. He’ll know with certainty the search is over and he found the woman for him.”

At last, I knew what I was doing wrong. I was desperately chasing love … and as a result, I was causing men to lose interest and pull away. I had to change my strategy. I had to learn how to make him see me as a high quality woman, a woman worth committing to forever.

I wanted more … How could I guarantee my man would commit to me?

This conversation blew my mind. So when I learned that Eric and Sabrina were having a seminar in New York City the following week, I knew I had to go.

A part of me was skeptical, of course. How could Sabrina and Eric undo a lifetime of struggles with men? It’s one thing to say you can teach these things, but does it work? And will it work for someone like me? Can everything in your life really change with a few new insights into male behavior?

The seminar promised to explain exactly what makes a man commit, and how to keep him interested and in love forever. Essentially, they promised to help us confused ladies understand men better than they even know themselves! And how to use that knowledge to get the exact love we’ve always wanted.

One thing that put my skepticism at ease was the fact that they offered a complete refund to anyone who wasn’t satisfied, so really, there was no risk. If it was ridiculous nonsense, at least I’d get a good laugh and a good story to tell my friends. And if they really knew their stuff … well my life would change forever and it would have been worth every penny, and probably more!

I walked into the seminar not really knowing what to expect. I took a seat and…

The event was like a tsunami of wisdom and groundbreaking insights. For once in my life I felt hopeful. It was like drinking from a fountain of knowledge. I felt dizzy from all the amazing possibilities ahead.

Eric and Sabrina taught all sorts of useful relationship techniques. They also shared deep, insightful psychological theories on things such as:

  • What causes a man to fall deeply in love
  • How to make him desperate to be with you forever
  • How to make a man treat you like a priority
  • How to break through his emotional walls and reach his heart
  • Exactly how to get a guy to chase you
  • The one thing men want more than anything else
  • What inspires a man to eagerly want to commit to a woman for life
  • How to reignite his desire for you even if it seems like he’s losing interest
  • Exactly why he won’t commit… and what changes his mind fast
  • How to connect with even the most emotionally distant man
  • What makes him see you as “the one”

It was an unbelievable and eye-opening event, and my life has truly changed for the better.

Here’s how:

  1. I’m now in a loving (from both sides!) relationship that is filled with passion.
  2. He does romantic things for me all the time, for no reason!
  3. He really cares about my needs and for once I feel heard.
  4. I feel loved, adored, appreciated, and totally secure in my relationship for the first time ever!

My love life has seriously changed dramatically. At this point, you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all of this. I want to share something exciting that will help you experience the same thing as me…

Sabrina and Eric are really amazing, sweet people who love helping women get the love lives they have always wanted. You can see how driven they are to make sure you get the real world results you’ve always wanted in your love life, even if it means some tough love when it’s absolutely necessary (and even then their raw, non-sugarcoated honesty is very helpful and refreshing). They are busy people though, running seminars, writing books, making video and audio content, and doing one-on-one coaching. They’ve literally helped thousands of women get the love they have always wanted.

Eric and Sabrina created a unique video that I think every woman needs to watch. It’s based on the seminar that I attended and in it, they reveal a lot of the same information. If you are a woman who seems to experience one disappointment and heartbreak after the next, you owe it to yourself to watch.

(Be sure your speakers are on and click the play button to watch)

These secrets totally changed my perspective and given me the relationship I have always dreamed of. I truly believe this is life-changing information that will open to gates to the life you have always wanted. I finally have what I’ve always dreamed of … a loving relationship with an amazing man who truly adores, appreciates, and loves me for exactly who I am.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope you enjoy the video and it helps you in the same way it helped me!

All my best,


P.S. If you want to finally have the man in your life pursue you, adore you, and devote himself to you then you owe it to yourself to watch this unusual video that Eric and Sabrina created. I think it’s the best resource out there. I am living proof this works.

=> Learn what makes a man put you first (even if he’s pulling away right now)…


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