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The #1 Things Men Desire in a Woman

I’m going to share exactly how I made the man of my dreams obsessed with me and desperate to commit to me…

After years of heartbreak and pain, I finally discovered what makes a man feel an intense love and desire for a woman. It’s an unusual trick that literally causes him to become addicted to you and only you.

My name is Ashley and I live in the United States. I’m not the youngest or prettiest woman around…and I always seemed to be the single one.

I kept finding myself in the same situations over and over again. I would start dating a guy, the connection would start out great, and then quickly and without warning he would lose interest and start to withdraw. And then he would leave. That is the story of my dating life.

I once dated a guy who said I was “too needy.” I was terrified he would leave…I tried to be better…but soon enough he was gone.

I poured over as much dating and relationship advice as I could. I just wanted to understand what men wanted, and what I was doing wrong. But I kept coming across the same unhelpful advice you’ve probably heard many times before: dress sexy, do this weird trick in bed, cook him his favorite meal, act like you’re unavailable, act like the perfect girlfriend (doesn’t matter if you are his girlfriend or not), basically, a bunch of things you need to do to prove to him how amazing you are.

I tried to follow this advice, but it only made me feel even more desperate and insecure.

It seemed like men only wanted super hot girls, or girls with super flirtatious, outgoing, bubbly personalities. And I don’t fit in either category.

I’m not conventionally “hot” and I never felt like men noticed me. In fact, I felt totally invisible… especially to the men I wanted. I resigned myself to the fact that maybe I would end up alone…or end up settling for less than I deserve.

It was frustrating because I knew plenty of women who weren’t the most attractive or interesting get high-quality men to be obsessed with them. These women weren’t even that nice, in fact some were pretty nasty and manipulative. And yet amazing men would bend over backwards to win them over, showering them with the kind of love, attention, and affection I could only dream of having. Meanwhile I would go out of my way to be nice and pleasant while the guy would get more distant, cold, and confusing.

Eventually, he would “ghost” on me or give me some line about not wanting to be in an “official” relationship and then leave.

It honestly started to feel like I just wasn’t “girlfriend material,” and that guys only saw me as a placeholder girl until something better came along. It was a crushing feeling and I felt hopeless and in a state of despair.

I was just about ready to give up…

….Until one late night I got the urge to do some Googling.

It was a Saturday night. I was home alone and couldn’t sleep.

I had been dating a guy that I really liked, a guy who had everything I was looking for, who could possibly be “the one.” I was happy and hopeful, but also terrified given my track record.

I also recognized some familiar early warning signs that he was losing interest and starting to withdraw. I was terrified he would leave and didn’t want to make the same mistakes I had made so many times in the past.

In my desperation, I started looking online to find an expert.

I needed someone who really knew their stuff. I didn’t want to hear the same old ineffective advice. I wanted to know exactly what men craved, the real truth that men don’t openly share with women. I needed someone who had a method that would work and would reveal exactly what attracts and keeps a man’s interest long term.

It was through this searching that I came across Eric Charles,. Eric promised that I could learn exactly what all men secretly want and crave, and what they truly desire.

The Secret You Need to Know About Men

Who is Eric? Well, he co-founded with Sabrina Alexis and it has become of the of the world’s leading relationship websites. Sabrina and Eric have also authored several bestselling books.

Eric has spent most of his life studying relationships and love, dissecting every aspect with surgeon-like precision.

And on that lonely night, he shared a major revelation about men:

“The sad truth is, when you go out of your way to make him happy…when you take care of him and do things for him…when you try to be perfect and play your cards right…that’s when he vanishes and breaks up with you seemingly out of nowhere.”

He added: “Women are wired to be sweet, nurturing, motherly figures. They are naturally kind and caring. While there isn’t anything wrong with this per se, this isn’t the sort of behavior that is going to make a man fall desperately in love. A lot of guys can’t explain why they fall for specific women…they will say there is ‘just something about her.’ This intangible quality comes down to an emotional experience he has in her presence. Creating that is what gets him to commit himself exclusively to you.

If you’re missing that special something, and if he gets the impression that you need him…or he feels pressure to make things official… his walls will come up and you will be shut out. He may not even be able to describe it; he will just feel in his gut that you are not ‘the one.’

As a reflexive reaction, he will withdraw from you and try to re-claim his ‘freedom.’ If you try to connect to him emotionally, he’ll completely shut you out and you will find yourself essentially playing tennis with a brick wall.

Internally, he will feel like he’s being smothered and suffocated and his urge to get away will get even stronger.

His behavior will be confusing, distant, and emotionally closed off. This will absolutely destroy your chances of forming a true, healthy, loving relationship…or any relationship period. ”

Eric continued, “This is essentially why so many women find they can’t get the guys they want. When you want it and are desperate for his love and approval, you will push him further away. If you and him do end up dating, or in an official relationship, you might feel like the scales are unbalanced…like you like him a lot more than he likes you… and with that, comes the great fear that he will leave.

Conversely, when a man sees you as ‘the one,’ you become more amazing in his eyes the more he gets to know you. He willingly commits himself to you, rather than seeing you as some sort of crazed prison warden who is eager to lock him down. Instead, he sees you as a woman he can’t imagine his life without.”

“You must plant seeds of desire within him to make him crave you and make him eager and excited to commit.”

“When you learn the right way to trigger his desire, the way he sees you changes. He will see you as ‘the one’ and he won’t be afraid of commitment or losing his ‘freedom.’ Something like freedom pales in comparison to living a life with you.

He will genuinely believe that his life is better with you in it. He won’t feel afraid that he’s missing out on something better or settling… he will be sure that he has found ‘the one.'”

I couldn’t believe how wrong I had been about everything! My whole method was totally off. I was so desperate for love that I was accidentally ruining my chances of ever having it. I would scare men away with my desperation and I didn’t know how to get them to see me as a woman worth keeping for the long run. I was always just there for the meantime. I didn’t know how to get them to see me as “the one.”

Once I could master this, then the men I wanted would eagerly pursue me without me having to do anything really.

But I wanted to be confident about this working…how could I make it a total guarantee that he would see me as “the one”?

When Eric told me he was doing a special seminar for women in New York I jumped at the chance and couldn’t wait to hear what insights he would reveal.

Part of me thought this sounded too good to be true. It’s easy to make false promises and grand claims. Could he really show all these women how to plant seeds of intense desire in a man so he sees them as “the one?”

Eric’s mission with this event was to reveal his sneaky secret that flips a switch in a man’s mind causing him to desire you intensely and pursue you exclusively. It was for a small group of women and I was so fortunate to be one of them.

There was still a part of me that was skeptical, but Eric provided a money back guarantee for anyone who wasn’t 100% satisfied so there wasn’t much of a risk. There really was nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I went to the event eager to soak it all in. I was like a sponge, absorbing everything.

The event was like a hailstorm of wisdom and groundbreaking insights. For once in my life I felt hopeful.


It was like drinking from a fountain of knowledge. I felt dizzy from all the amazing possibilities ahead.

Eric shared so much amazing information. He went deep into the sneaky psychology behind topics such as:

  • How to be his #1 priority
  • What makes a man fall deeply in love
  • How to make him relentlessly pursue you
  • The #1 thing men want above anything else
  • How to make him commit exclusively to you with undying devotion
  • How to break through his emotional walls and touch his heart
  • The real reason he won’t commit and how to make him instantly and eagerly change his mind
  • How to re-ignite his interest (even if he’s withdrawing right now)
  • How to reach even the most emotionally guarded man in a way no other woman ever has
  • What makes him see you as “the one”

The seminar was absolutely life changing and I was bursting with optimism and excitement. Here are some of the ways my life has changed for the better:

  1. I’m actually in a happy, healthy relationship. The passion is red hot and he is also super romantic and always finding ways to make me feel special
  2. He is emotionally present and supportive and truly cares about my feelings and needs.
  3. I feel so loved and secure, I have no fears of him losing interest or leaving me.

My love life transformed into something I never thought it could possibly be. So why am I telling you all of this? It’s because I know the pain of rejection and heartbreak all too well.

And now those feelings are just memories for me. I experienced something amazing.

Eric really is an amazing, sweet guy who loves helping women get the love lives they have always wanted. You can see how driven he is to make sure you get the real world results you’ve always wanted in your love life, even if it means some tough love when it’s absolutely necessary (and even then his raw, non-sugarcoated honesty is very helpful and refreshing). He is a busy man who runs seminars, writes books, creates videos and audio content, and does one-on-one coaching. He has literally helped thousands of women get the love they have always wanted.

Eric has composed a unique article that I think all women need to read right now. It is chock full of the information I learned at the seminar and describes his unique method for planting seeds of desire in a man’s mind. If you’re a woman who is struggling to have that amazing relationship she has always wanted, then do yourself the biggest favor and read this article right now (Click Here).

These secrets that totally changed my perspective and given me the relationship I have always dreamed of. I truly believe this is life-changing information that will open to gates to the life you have always wanted. My life is so different than how it used to be. And the way I feel about myself isn’t how it used to be. I finally have what I’ve always dreamed of…a loving relationship with an amazing man who truly adores, cherishes, and desires me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I think you will love this life-changing article and my hope is that you will act now to change your life forever.

All my best,


P.S. If you want to make any man chase you, commit his entire self to you, and shower you with affection… you owe it to yourself read this article Eric made. In my honest opinion, this is the best material out there. I am actually living proof that this changes your life and works!

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