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    Would you girls ever show other beautiful girls, personalities, social media models, actress to you boyfriend or would this make you feel insecure and bad about yourself?

    I have a friend that said that she would never show her boyfriend any of this or any dancing woman on instagram, that she rather do the dancing for her boyfriend or look good for her boyfriend.

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    Depends. ;-)

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    It really depends on the context. Beauty is like art, and if you see something beautiful I don’t see the harm or shame in looking at it, or even verbalizing it, as long as its done respectfully. I remember when my ex husband out of the blue when watching the moving Cutting Edge just blurted out he thought the actress, Moira Kelly, was beautiful. The kicker is, she had similar features to me, so I was actually flattered haha.

    Like I said, I wouldn’t personally promote it but I wouldn’t make and big deal or issue out of it as long as its tastefully, not to make you feel bad, inadequate, or less beautiful in his eyes.

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    I don’t really understand the question. He is capable of viewing this stuff on his own–through IG, FB…anywhere! Men are visual creatures (as they say). Unless he is blind or doesn’t have access to the internet or lives in a black hole, he will be exposed to social media/the internet/magazines/TV, etc. My friend’s bf once said that him and his coworkers would check out women walking by on the street all the time and possibly fantasize about them for ten seconds. But forget about I later…there’s really nothing you can do. But your man is with you because he finds you attractive. So be confident in that..

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