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    I am writing here as I do not how to handle it.

    I left my job about a year ago. I got promoted and received good reviews until my last boss came. My relationship with ex boss deteriorated significantly and he never supported my opinion and always undermined me. There was some sexual harassement but I will not go into details here. I was let go and I came to another country to study. I had anxiety attacks since then but it improved a lot after going for some therapies. Then I recently heard from one of my friends who worked in the same company that the work I did a year ago turned out to reach good results which saved the company I worked with. This being said, I proved to the company and my ex boss that I was a competent person and my ex boss made a wrong decision.

    Recently my ex boss has been liking my photos on facebook. This frustrates me too much and I feel like screaming whenever I see it. He has talked to me maybe once a month saying how great he is doing with work.

    I sometimes wonder if he is mentally retarded. How can someone do this to another person?..I do not know how to deal with it. As the business I was involved in and will probably go back to is too small, it is very likely I will see him somewhere in the near future. So I cannot completely ignore him.

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    This guy already unfairly hurt you: it is up to you to not let him do it again. Don’t think about him. Just give him minimal polite contact and realize you have better things to worry about.

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    I am surprised at Amanda’s suggestion to give him contact. This guy cut your ability to earn a living for unfair reasons and after that the feels it is ok to chat you up?

    I would tell him straight up. I am quite amazed at how you feel comfortable reaching out to me having laid me off and causing me to lose income, go through stress of being unemployed, etc etc. Everyone knows what it is like to lose a job. You have the nerve to try and talk to me after that.

    Either do that or block him and never waste a minute of your energy on him.

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    Emma I am suggesting that because she said he could have influence in her career. I would advise no contact if he couldn’t hurt her professionally, but since he might be able to negatively influence her career, minimal contact seems the best way to go. Throughout my career, I have had to deal with situations like this: keeping in contact with guys I would rather cut off, and would cut off if only there were no professional consequences.

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    What type of business is it?

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    Why are you friends with him on FB??? I don’t understand why your so upset about him liking pictures when you have full control over what content people have access to or not. If you bump into him sometime in the unknown future, just be polite and make a quick exit…problem solved.

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    Who’s the retard, here?

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