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    So I’ve been working with the agency for a little over two years now. There’s a bunch of leadship dysfunction. One issue is my boss and her supervisor do not get along. They give conflicting information when you talk with them one on one. Additionally there’s lots of micromanaging only within my work group. Since the start, initially my boss would comment about if your not at your desk in the morning when she comes by, you’re not considered here for the day. She had complaints about me putting my makeup on in the morning in the restroom. Complaints about my attire even though I dress very conservative. Keep in mind, I’m the youngest person On my team. This stopped after having a meeting with my boss and upper management. More recently, my boss asked that I let someone know if I’m going to be away from my desk longer than thirty mins. I’d been doing this since the conversation and it was again brought to my attention a month later by my bosses boss this pass Friday. I feel the solution is now to email my boss and her boss directly since letting a coworker know appears to not be working. Today, I emailed my boss and her boss that I was going to the restroom due to an upset stomach. I was worried I’d be away for a lengthy period of time. When I returned it was almost 20mins later. My boss asked if I were okay stating I don’t have to send emails…by the way, her boss was out of the office today.

    What would you do in a such a situation…what’s a good solution??? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Been in similar dysfunctional situation. The solution is to find a new job. Seriously. From what you describe they are trying to manage you out of your job. This means they have no grounds to get rid of you but if they make you miserable they hope you will leave on your own. It won’t get better. And based on what you write even if you over compensate in paranoia about doing something wrong they will confuse you by either saying you don’t have to or saying you are doing it wrong.

    Sorry to be bearer of bad news and people here may say to go to HUman resources. I did this and it didn’t help. HR is really not on your side but on the company side. And if anything will fall back on strict company policy which can be worse.

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    I also just had an excellent performance evaluation and cash award last month. In addition, if I leave them right now it will put them in a bind; if they were smart they’d leave me alone until the busy season is over. My boss said today her boss can’t bother me in terms of my work. Her words exactly were, she wouldn’t have a leg to stand on best I’m just that good at my job.

    Very odd thing happened, on Friday the bosses boss also asked me for a copy of my resume for some bio thing she’s doing :/ I got extra paranoid and deleted previous supervisor info, references and objective info prior to sending it to her. I thought that was a strange thing to ask me for and wasn’t sure what she’d be really using it for.

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    OK so you know the answer. You have to play the game for a while until you can find another job. And you should definitely start looking. This is ridiculous. Life is too short to live like this.

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    To be frank, you should not be putting your make up on during company paid hours (on the clock). Personal stuff should be done on your personal time or before your on the clock (arriving 10 minutes earlier). I own a business and I do not put my make up on at work, its done before I arrive so if all your bosses do it at home or before they start work then you better do it that way too.

    A big pet peeve of mine is being on the darn cell phone! I am not paying you to socialize with your phone pals but to perform the WORK you are paid to perform. Trust me, if you’re on a cell phone more than I am, which is very rarely when I’m at my business and use it for business purposes when I’m at work, then you are viewed and seen as a redundant employee (replaceable).

    Another pet peeve is when an employee goes to the bathroom numerous times a day. Now if one clearly has a ‘stomach thing’ then I’ll buy that excuse of its a ‘one off’…something they don’t do normally, like the over users, and I’ll let it go but if you use it too much then expect me to not believe you and say something about it because you are being watched more closely than those who don’t.

    Just know majority of all companies monitor. Managers are paid to babysit and there are always moles (a$$ kissing co-workers) who watch you too and if it comes to the point they have a legitimate complaint, like over using the bathroom on company time, it means your abusing your work hours and converting it to personal use without the consent of the employer who is paying you to be at work for the sole purpose of performing company work, not engaging in personal stuff that should be done on your time not theirs.

    If you don’t want to be ‘monitored’ then work in a place where there are no managers or bosses lurking about and don’t know what your doing because their too busy working outside the office, at home, or goofing off themselves. Just know if they try to call or walk in when your not at your desk too many times they will notice it and could be fired if becomes an ongoing issue. In a nutshell, best to spend most of your time working or at least appear to busy working if work is slow if you don’t want to be monitored.

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    My feeling about asking for your resume… that person who asked is looking to catch you in a lie so they can fire you legally. Doesn’t sound like they value you or want you around despite your excellent performance.

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    Oh Lane! Putting on makeup is now a federal crime? She gets allowed a certain number of breaks and can use them when she needs to. If she wants to use that time to put on makeup who cares? I’ve never worked for a company that was that ridiculous and if they gave her a great review and bonus apparently her work isn’t suffering from it. Just some biddy like yourself cackling and complaining.

    She didn’t say they gave her a hard time about the cell and based on when you respond during the day in this forum proves you do use your phone during work hours to come on here and write responses!

    I don’t agree the comment about the resume. I’ve had to provide my bio tons of times to be included in client proposals and the rn presentations to managers if they are re-evaluating positions or new roles. But I do believe by giving you such a hard time over petty things, there is no love lipstick and it your bosses boss who has final say in keeping you around.

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    Whatever lol lol lol lol and ALL the other aliases you use on this forum to bully people!!!

    I would appreciate it if you stopped twisting my words around (never said it was a ‘federal offense’ did I) and creating stupid drama on a subject you clearly know nothing about. There are ‘federal guidelines and rules’ but an employer is NOT mandated to give breaks or even lunches, only that if they do if its less than 20 minutes they must be paid, anything over that they don’t. So go ahead and blow your hot air around as it makes you look dumb, at least to those who do know how it works in the real workforce because if you take too many breaks v. others who do excellent work too trust me you’ll be the one who gets the ‘pink slip’ when the layoffs start coming and they always do! They are watching.

    You can agree or disagree with me all you want but you can’t bully me….so suck it.

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    Anne Ohio

    Lol I’m sick of you hijacking the OP post by whining about lane. What’s your problem?

    Regarding the OP post, just get out of there already, and they can run that dump without you. And doing makeup at work is unprofessional. You are supposed to arrive prepared.

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