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    So my fiancé from time to time while we’re talking he’ll multi-task by talking to me and still being on the internet at the same time. I’ll ask him what he’s looking at/doing online and he’ll say, “what’s important is I’m actively listening to you”. If I try to see what he’s doing he refuses to let me see. He doesn’t always do it but he did that this evening when I came in from the gym, showered and sat to talk to him. Just want to know if I’m overreacting for being annoyed 😠. I told him it makes me feel he’s hiding, not being close to me…

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    Why are you digging for things to be unhappy about?

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    You’re probably right. Thanks for the comment…I figured I’m probably just overreacting.

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    Well… it is a rude habit, to be on your phone when you’re talking to someone. So I wouldn’t say that your annoyance is completely unfounded. But thinking that he’s hiding something may be overreacting.

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    I agree it’s rude, but a bit of a leap to conclude he’s hiding something. My husband does this sometimes and I normally just say I’d prefer to finish the conversation when he can give it his attention.

    I would find it annoying if my husband tried to see what I was looking at when I was on the internet even though I have nothing to hide. If it’s interesting I tell him about it.

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    I think his response is patronising actually. He’s dictating what you should be grateful for? I think he should be off his phone when talking to you. You shouldn’t assume he’s hiding anything btw – he’s plenty of time to do things when you aren’t there I’d doubt he’d bother while in your presence

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    Just because this behavior annoys you doesn’t mean he’s hiding something! Have you ever tried to talk to a guy when he’s watching his favorite show or favorite sports team play on TV? It’s the same thing! I’m very guilty of doing things while my husband is talking to me. For example if he walks in the room while I’m doing laundry, washing dishes, putting away groceries, etc I don’t stop what I’m doing just because he just got home and walked in and starts talking to me. If he needs to tell me something serious or needing my attention he will ask me to stop what I’m doing to listen to him. You just need to do the same with your fiance. Tell him to look at you while you’re talking. Guys usually get it if you say it shows respect for you and what you have to say. But I certainly don’t just stop cooking dinner just because my husband walks in the room and starts talking. I can listen and do two things at once!!

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