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    You have no doubt heard the saying:’be careful what you wish for because you might just get it’. Imagine if all your problems with men completely vanished overnight. Most women would soon become so restless and bored that they would pull their eyelashes out one by one.
    I have said here a number of times that men are dead easy to read,embarrassingly easy in fact. Men are 90% of the time telling women what is on their mind yet women seem blind to the obvious. Often they read too much into things and then produce a three-act play in their heads that is
    often wildly inaccurate. I suspect that men are greatly frustrated by women’s inability to understand them.

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    As men’s inability to understand women…

    It’s Testrone & Estrogen… You’re a Brain Surgeon!

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    So brilliant Stephen. Not really. Maybe you should create your own forum for people who thrive on minutia.

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    Better off single

    I think that’s why it’s important to know what you want in a partner.

    I have no problems with men, just have trouble picking one to get serious with that will stay loyal.

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    Well this is not true. Haven’t you heard of narcissistic, co-dependent relationships? And even in normal relationships, many a times guys try to fulfil every wish of the girl just so they can be sure that she is in love with them. This can make it very difficult for even the smartest of women to read the man correctly. The answer lies in your gut. If your gut says run, you run. Period.

    Also love happens in three stages biologically: lust, infatuation and attachment. Many a times, men confuse the lust and infatuation stage with love. However, women are better equipped at recognizing the difference in their feelings hence they are less likely to make this mistake. Therefore, we can see how men themselves are confused about what they want so how will it be possible for women to read them correctly? Men are expert game players.

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    Why is it scary when you meet someone you have an insane amount of stuff in common and is super attractive?

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    Men confuse the lust and infatuation stage with love….

    I don’t think its just men who have a problem with this. I have this problem all the time with a person I get infatuated with. I’m quick to let my guard down when it happens and always get hurt.

    I think I just answered my question.

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    Better off single

    Imagine if all your problems with a woman completely vanished overnight when you finally actually show up and end the fantasy to make it a reality.

    Scary. huh?

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    Devil’s Advocate

    Why waste a wish on that? Men and women have been able to co-exist, partner up and recreate for over 200,000 years despite what you consider to be obstacles! Why don’t you wish for world peace or a cure for cancer or an end to world hunger instead?

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    Wirrled peas

    The world would become too over populated.

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    Wirrled peas

    If I could have any wish it would be to end judgmental people and hatred.

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    All men think with their dicks, and all women are gold digging b*tches.

    Ponder that for awhile, and get back to us.

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    Change your tampon and cool it down

    Because generalizing people into categories makes life so much simpler

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    Maddi Hatter

    Imagine someone has your soulmate strapped in a chair and every time you do something to indulge in your own selfishness that person loses a body part. The only thing you can do to stop it from continuing is walking away. Would you do it? Or watch them suffer?

    It’s funny, every time I type in soulmate it auto corrects to spinster or solitary in my phone.

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    Maddi Hatter

    I haven’t slept in I’ve r24 hours.

    What’s it like to watch a very stubborn someone’s IQ drop over the span of 4 years due to someone else playing mind games with them?

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    I really wanna know

    What’s it like to see someone who had hope in love and watch their heart harden and grow bitter towards it? Would you call that enlightened?

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    I really wanna know

    Because constantly feeling broken hearted doesn’t feel very good.

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