Will I look petty defriending him? Also I don't know how to act when I see him.

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    I became friends on Facebook recently with someone I would consider an acquaintance who I would like to get to know more, and he accepted when I requested him.

    I have tried to interact with him a few times, and he completely blanked my comments but liked other comments on the thread or commented back to them, so after this happening a few times I thought he is obviously just rude, so I forgot about him.

    He has never liked or commented on any of my statuses, until about a week ago when he randomly liked something I wrote, and then yesterday when he put something funny on his status I commented because it was a common interest of ours, and again…..he completely ignored my comment but liked and responded to the others.

    Now I know some people will say it is stupid to be so butt hurt over it, but it hurts my feelings. I was trying to get to know this individual and I am a nice person, so I wouldn’t straight up blank someone like this, and I don’t understand the random like on my status if they aren’t interested in interacting with me period, nor why they even accepted my request to begin with.

    The worst part is, they are a friend of some acquaintances of mine who I will be seeing in a week at a show and he will be there, and I don’t really know how to act around him. I am not a rude person, and part of me wants to defriend him, but if I do I just think I will look the petty one, but I think he just seems an extremely rude individual.

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    I’m guessing you are about 15 years old?

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    Delete & ignore…

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    I don’t know why people around here must be this rude, unkind and judgemental, when this site is purposely created for kindly helping eachoter with counsels. If you haven’t got a nice word to say, don’t say anything at all. It doesn’t matter what age does a person have, it is about feelings here. We should put ouselves in their shoes and from that position give a sincere and helpful advice, not randomly throwing harsh comments. Moreover, the younger the person who asks for help is, the less experienced they are, so they truly need our advice, because we all start at a low experienced level and learn in time.

    About the question you asked, @seekingadvice, well my opinion is that he is really rude and he probably commented on your post without analysing it in advance. He simply did it cause he found himself in whatever you had posted. Repeatedly ignoring your comments shows he doesn’t really care about you, and he has no interest in getting in contact with you. If I were you, I would have stopped commenting on his profile from the very first time. Learn to have ego and self esteem and ignore those who ignore you. I know this is not easy but it is worth it.
    Yes you can delete him, in my opinion, and if he notices he probably will realise why you did it, but it doesn’t matter, they are your choices and you can keep and delete anyone you want. And it was rude of him to behave like that, so you have total rights to delete him, you are not petty if you do it.
    If you meet him any time, simply act like you don’t know eachother and nothing more. He is the guy and he can do a first step in introducing himself to you if he wants. You shouldn’t avoid looking at him, bec this might be too obvious, just try to act naturally like you don’t care and like he is a total stranger.

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    Omg, you are living in lala land. He hit like, and you go nuts. Hes not rude at all, he is not obligated to communicate with you. A like on Facebook is not an obligation to become your new best friend. You are really reaching here. Get real

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    KIM – I have read many of L’s posts. This person only ever makes makes
    offensive and stupid comments. I suspect that L may be a man who gets some sort of kick or power trip out of this type of behaviour. I dont think L is a genuine contributor to this forum.

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    seeking advice – this guy clearly has no interest in you, and perhaps thats because he hasnt noticed you. Whatever the case is, your strategy isnt working, and by way of giving yourself some value, I think its probably best to delete him. Pining after someone who doesnt acknowledge that you exist is just degrading your own self worth. You’re worth more than that.

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    I agree on the L comments also, as I read this forum frequently and her comments are totally useless and bring nothing good to any of the women who post.

    She always tries to bring the OP’s down and her favorite comment of all is “are you blonde,” (how original), along with 3 others that she circiulates on posts like a walking robot that can only say 4 things.

    Kind of ironic her comment questions my age when she seems to have the maturity of a child herself.

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    Thanks Jenny. It’s a bit of mystery to me why he acted so interested one evening by coming up to me and making convo and looking at me all night only to act like this later, but I guess some people just don’t make sense.

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    You read too much into it. Then you tried to connect on Facebook. That’s all. He has never asked you out. Quit being offended

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    Why bother accepting then if he had no interest? Just seems an odd thing to do in my opinion if he had no intentions of talking.

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    Come on, we accept Facebook friends because we know them personally and don’t dislike them. Not to become a couple. If he wanted you he would do more than simply accept a friend request. Geez, you put too much value on Facebook. I have never found a boyfriend via social. In person, yes, Facebook, no.

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    We met before I added him, not just through Facebook….and I am not fake, so I wouldn’t accept someone I had no interest in just because.

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    I am a pretty genuine person, so I think accepting someone and then blanking all of their comments is weirder than just not accepting from the start if you’re not interested and staying true to yourself. He obviously has NO interest in any sort of communication with me, so maybe his friend count matters more to him. Who knows.

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    Sigh….hate to double post but for the intellectually challenged who can’t read between the lines.
    Am I the only adult on here who thinks basing your life and self esteem on face book comments and likes is like a child getting upset in the sandbox?

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    seeking advice – he may have become involved with someone else since meeting you, and therefore isnt interacting with you, making sure he is doing nothing more to lead you on.

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