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    So I’ve been talking to this guy online since October and he lives in a different country. But I’m moving to that country in a few months.. anyways we usually talk all the time and he says sweet things like he wants to be with me when I’m there and all this.. then he says he really likes me and I have a great personality and all that kind of stuff.. but lately he’s barely been talking to me like once a week and he just leaves me on read! So I confronted him about it on Friday and said why do u always leave me on read? Because it makes me feel like you’re not interested in me. Then I wake up the next day to see that my message was left on read… OUCH… my question is, why would u leave someone you “really like” and want to meet their parents and have a future with on read????? Is he just stringing me along for fun???? What really irritates me to is that he has the time to view my Snapchat stories but can’t text me back!

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    Hi-This sounds like way too much work and worry over someone you have not ever met!I think you should stop all contact with him and get on with your life. Once you move to his country,you can then decide to let him know you are actually in the “neighbourhood”. But at this point and this distance and not really knowing anything about this guy,plus his lack of apparent interest-I would just forget the whole thing.

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    Why do YOU think he is behaving this way?

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    Actions speak louder than words. He may be saying all the right things but it doesn’t mean he means them. It he may have meant them and has now changed his mind.

    If this is a new thing, something’s changed. He may have got bored of just talking and never meeting (6 months is a very long time to just talk), or he may have met someone, either online or in person. Or he may have something going on in his life. Who knows?!

    What we do know is he isn’t treating you nicely or respectfully any more. Time to forget him…

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    What does leaving me on read mean? I don’t understand

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    It means very low interest & he’s bisy with something/someone else. Sorry to say but you may guess this yourself already

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    People ghost because it’s easier for them to ignore than have a difficult conversation. Ghosting is low integrity behavior. I wouldn’t wonder why someone does it.

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    You are being really naive. Of course the sweet things he texts are bull. Duh!!, its long distance, he is free to play his game with you, and you are silly enough to buy it.

    And you thinking you are going to hook up with a stranger when you move is just as dumb. Quit texting guys you don’t know.

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