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    My guy friend gets upset when his friends use crude humor around me. I constantly catch him looking over to see my reaction. He won’t really engage in it, just pays attention to me. Even if I’m laughing he’ll come sit by me and tell me it’s just how they talk. If he doesn’t know where I am in a group he’ll look around for me. He makes sure to include me in the group, too. He’s very protective of me in a caring way. Why does he care so much?


    Better off single

    It makes me wonder about the things he says when you aren’t around.



    “Even if I’m laughing he’ll come sit by me and tell me it’s just how they talk.”

    That part’s odd and comes off a little prudish. Maybe he’s not used to saying certain things in front of women. Are you the only female in the group?

    Chances are high he likes you. But it could also mean he simply has an inclusive/considerate personality. Some people are naturally very aware if anyone, guy or girl, is feeling or being outcast in a group.




    MY partner and I have been together 6 years and been living together one however he is still scared to commit to getting married and having kids. why??


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    Hi Eilidh, thanks for sharing with us! I think you’ll have more responses if you go ahead and start a new topic. Your post ended up as a reply to a separate thread which is a month old, and as a result the community may not really pay attention to it. I’ll share a link to the “new topic” form below.

    Eric and Sabrina have each posted some related articles. You can check those out, too. Use them as a starting point – they link to other related articles which you might find helpful.

    When a Guy Says He Never Wants to Get Married

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    You can start a new topic in the same forum over here. Cheers!

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