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    Hi there!

    My title gives everything away :-)

    I speak to guy X. We got intimate a few weeks ago. Nothing serious and we both moved on.

    The thing is, everytime we talk, he brings up Guy Y ( they’re friends and I used to have a crush on guy Y).
    Guy X doesn’t know about the crush.

    The last time, he asked how things were doing between Guy Y and me.
    I told him to stop talking to me about guy Y.
    I think that if he’s that interested in this type of information, the logical thing to do would be to ask his friend.

    I’m curious though. Why do you think he feels the need to talk about his friend constantly?

    Thank you!

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    Apparently Guy X does know about the crush.

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    Cos he’s 14…

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    Raven….. hahahaha 😂

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    Better off single

    If you have anything better to talk about change the subject.

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    Thank you DD for your perspective.

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    It did not occur to you that your guy X does know about guy Y..?

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    No, it didn’t occur to me for the simple reason that no one knows about my crush not even guy Y.
    I know he wasn’t interested in me so I’ve never made my feelings towards him known.
    Actually, guy Y is very distant with me and we never talk.
    But guy X makes sure to talk about guy Y in every conversation.
    It’s very strange …

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    I’m confused. Do you ever hang out with this crush guy? Talk to him? If not, why would this other guy ask how things are between you?

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    @ Karen

    Sorry for being so confusing but I don’t want to give too much away for privacy reasons.

    Let’s say that we see each other everyday.

    Guy X and Guy Y are close.

    Three weeks ago, after asking how my weekend was, he made sure to let me know that he hung out with Guy Y the day before (his facial expression and voice tone changed when he pronounced his name).

    Two weeks ago, we attended a party at Guy Y’s house.

    Guy X asking about how things are between Guy Y and I is an example. I can talk to him about a movie I watched the day before and his answer would be ” Guy Y called me yesterday”.

    Basically, he brings Guy Y up all the time.

    I asked Guy X the reason why and he denied bringing Guy Y in our conversations and we both got mad at each other.

    The thing is I can tell it’s not random, as I said his facial expression and voice tone change whenever he mentions him.

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    Is this romper room?

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    Jolie, you had a crush on guy Y and thought nobody noticed? LOL

    They both know it, your X guy has a crush on YOU and he is jealous of Y. Alternatively, Y is using X to get to you. I think the first option is more likely.

    There is no “mystery”, things are usually quite simple (especially to the outsiders), the easiest explanation is usually the right one

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    How naive of me, I know :-).

    The thing is none of these guys seem to be interested in me though.

    There are no signs at all from any of them.

    Except that Guy X initiates messages.

    Other than that nothing and my guts tell me there is nothing. As a matter of fact, he seems to have more organic conversations with other people than he does with me (even though we have been intimate a couple of weeks ago).
    It’s okay though since I don’t expect anything from him.

    Thank to all of you for the different perspectives :-)

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    You were right regarding Guy X having a crush on me. We spoke in depth last week. The thing is he’s broken up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago and his mind is still in this relationship.
    Thank you very much for your perspective.

    I have a new question for anyone who will read this message: we spoke all weekend via text(after partying together) until the discussion ended naturally.
    The discussion was very casual and light nothing private or regarding “us”.

    Today, it has been three days without news.

    Any idea why he doesn’t initiate after three days of silence?

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    Jolie, good to know LOL

    You are giving him too much, he is saturated, so he needs time to reflect and recharge, his previous relationship is still probably in the high-low tide, on its way out, but endings do not happen abruptly. Giving too much of yourself can kill an attraction btw. At this point, you are too easy. Make him wait. End his previous relationship properly and then WAIT and earn you.

    You can still flirt but limit his access to you. Be a little smarter LOL

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    Thank you!
    Just to be precise: he initiated the texts and I texted back.

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