Why do we drive ourselfs crazy over so meany little things

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    I’ve know this guy for 30 plus year our thing has been basically to hook up when either one of us are in each others town. Now he has moved to my town basically a just little over a mile from me after not seeing him for year. Dont get me wrong he did this for work not me i didn’t even now he lived near by tell lately he says he asked couple people we knew if they new where i was when he moved up. Anyway my point is we started back up like no time had passed and but more frequently because we are in the same town. With out much talking about our new situation he text me good morning every morning because i work gravyard so he knows I’m up when get gets up at 3am for work he text me every day telling me is head home text me every night to tell me he is going to bed but the door is unlocked if i want to stop. By every day like clock work these text come in yestorday afternoon and evening no text at all no calls nothing and me being the stubborn person i am didnt text him. But those fue missing text are driving me crazy. Idk why we let stuff like this bother us so much part of me tbinks I’m exapecting more out of this relationship now that we are both in the same town. Be we have not talked about that at all. But now I’m at work waiting to see if I’ll get the morning texts. In the mean time well I’m ventimg on here i guess sorry so long I’m just making sure I’m not the only one tripping over little stuff

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    I guess its the small things that count

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    Is he taking you on dates and planning things for you two to do together, or is it just sex?

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    Yeah we spend other times together some he works days and i work gravyards shifts every night so its hard to get much more in but he asks me to stay as long as i can when I’m there he understand i have to work every night

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