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    So I’ve been chatting with this guy from work on Snapchat since April of last year. Just as friends because he was seeing someone at the time, we never hung out or anything.
    Just recently we matched on Tinder.. because he told me he swiped right. lol.
    I sense that he likes me, and I do like him too. We hung out once a couple weeks ago and we still talk/text.
    I rejoined Tinder last night because I was bored and we matched again. I didn’t have a picture of me but I told him who it was when he messaged. Then he asked my last name, but I gave him a name of a celebrity with the same first name as me, thinking it was obvious.
    Anyway, I messaged him on Snapchat saying again who it was, and now I feel really stupid.
    I think I just really want him to like me but now I feel like I come across as weirder than normal haha

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    I guess my question is, what should I do now?
    Nothing? Wait and see?

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    Nothing. You do nothing. This sounds messy. He’s talking to several women at least.

    What happened to his girlfriend?

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    They broke up .. he wasn’t happy and she was “crazy”

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    you work with him? But you chat to him on all these different social media apps?
    Ya, it’s messy.
    If a guy is interested he will take proper action to lock you down for a date, in his case walk up to you in the office and ask you out. not float around in the Tinder/Snapchat hemisphere.
    please don;t date people you work with. And go on dates, don’t “hang out” Know your worth girl.

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    We work at the same place but not together. I work 9-5 and he does shift work. I know that’s not the point.
    And I understand what you’re talking about. Thanks!

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    Oh honey, how old are you? This sounds like junior high.

    Stop chasing him. You went out, and then he did not ask you out again. That is all you need to know. and do not indulge him in endless texting. your friends are for that.

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    Is she crazy or is he treating her wrong

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    In my experience, Snapchat is where men go to be sneaky. That is an automatic red flag to me.

    Men who call their exes “crazy” is an automatic red flag for me.

    If you have indeed hung out/talked, I’d say that is a positive sign, but this seems a bit all over the place here. He knows you’re interested, but maybe take a step back, gain some perspective and see what happens. Also, start seeing some other people.

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    Yeah so many red flags.

    If a guy is on Snapchat, he’s chatting up lots of gals. If he’s on Tinder or any dating app, he’s doing the same. And guys always call their exes “crazy.” They’re usually not crazy at all. In my history only one guy I dated had a legitimately “crazy” ex. The rest that used the word just said it to escape accountability.

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    Why do you chase men? That’s a good question you need to ask yourself because if you do it too much its going to become a bad habit and result in a lot of failure,

    Time you stopped giving time wasters your time and only give it to those who are taking you out and truly want to get to know you as a person, in person! Time to try doing the opposite of what you’re doing.

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