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    Hi all,

    It’s been really bugging me and I need some advice as to why it took my ex 4 years to get rid of our pics from his Facebook account.

    He was the one that broke it off with me, although it hurt, I moved on and am now happily married.

    I never really got closure and always wondered if he ever felt guilty for the way he left me so suddenly or if he simply didn’t care?

    Was he just too lazy to take our pics down after 4 years or does it mean something?

    Thanks 😊

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    Forgot to mention he has also never found someone new in the 4 year period

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    Sorry hun, my guess is he was just too lazy. That or he didn’t want to flaunt his personal life too much. I always think it is weird when people break-up and immediately take down their pics because it tells the whole world what you are going through. Anyway you are reading way too much into this. You can never know, but lazy is the most likely possibility. Concentrate on your marriage and don’t think about this guy anymore.

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    Why are you still stalking his Facebook?

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    I guess because throughout the years I’ve asked him to remove them and he’s refused… sometimes I’ve checked to see if he has or not, and then to my surprise one day he finally did, and in my head I’m was like why now?

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    You finally got your wish.

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    Pantomime Horse

    I am of the opinion that nothing should be removed from social media as one day FB will be a rich primary source for social historians.

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    Ok Stephen. Thought you went away to a more friendly place . Guess that a fantasy

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    Devil’s Advocate

    I am trying to figure out why someone who is happily married is stalking an ex’s Facebook account 4 years later and after having asked him throughout the years to remove them and he never would you’re now questioning why he did. Who cares!! Yes he was lazy and no my guess is he probably has a serious girlfriend who he doesn’t want seeing the pics or who has asked him to take them down. And the fact he hasn’t tried to reconcile with you in all these years tells you he didn’t care and he moved on regardless of whether he has been dating someone up until now. My advice to you is focus this energy on your marriage and forget what your ex is doing.

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    Could be many reasons. Could be he’s with someone who doesn’t like ex’s pics on their blokes fb from the past, could be he’s trying to impress a woman and wants to remove his ex’s pics, couldn’t be he’s looked for something in his fb pics and then thought oh I didn’t remove them before, there in the past so I’ll take them down, could be he stopped using my fb for a while or just didn’t think of it at the time. You get the picture right? Could be a million reasons and you’ll never know.
    Bit of fb stalking of ex’s…. curiousity is a new odd thing!

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    Happily married?

    I’m guessing the pics weren’t just selfies of you two, but pics of things that meant more to him than his relationship with you, like vacation pics or ones with other people in them, too.

    Maybe he liked the pics. Maybe he was just lazy. Maybe when you told him to take them down he didn’t like you trying to control his FB page and so he left them up.

    Maybe now he’s refreshing his FB, or maybe he got tired of those pics, or maybe he’s in a relationship now.

    If I were you I would unfriend him for the health of your marriage because I don’t think this is something a happily married person would fixate on.

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    I would imagine he’s met someone who feels uncomfortable seeing his past on Facebook.

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    Sarah Callus


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    I’m more concerned about you than him. Checking his Facebook, finding out he was single for 4 years? Sounds like you are hung up on him. You’re married, but on a forum talking about an ex. I hope you find the strength to just leave it alone and focus on your marriage.

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