Why did I get annoyed when my ex is trying to move on..I broke it off

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    long story short.we were together for a year and a half.he gave me warts, things went down hill I also lost the feelings I thought I had for him Relized I didn’t love him like that. I broke it off thinking it was best for both of us. he is a great guy.

    Right so it’s been like 5 months or maybe 6 almost since I broke it off. I wanted to take care of myself before finding my next partner. this ex goes to salsa after I brought him and stayed after we broke up. i got a little mad at first but then I was ok with it. we met a the dr’s office and he said some nasty stuff like this was a waste of time and clearly he is over me and if it hurt me..great. he then apologized for saying those things. so yesterday at salsa I thought everything was ok we talked..then he goes again with the whole do I have someone alredy i told him no and the truth that I needed to work on myself. I also decided to tell him that I had a hard week las week and I kinda thought maybe it was a mistake. (which was a mistake). we went on to dance I truned around and I see him taking some girl’s number (I know her and she’s leaving th contry at the end of the month). I went over to him and asked if he took her number he said maybe I said it means yes and walked away angry…now..why the hell was I mad? he’s allowed to move on I just felt like he was trying provoke me for reactions beause in the conversation we had prior to that he said we should meet and talk for lunch. (I didn’t answer that). he texted me asking why I got mad? he’s just trying to moce on he didn’t mean to di this he just added her on facebook he did not do this on purpose to hurt me. then he called, we talked and he tried to convince me to go eat or hang out and talk. I was avoiding it we ended up talking normally on the phone which was nice and made me feel bettr. but I know I don’t want him back..why was I mad??

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    Classic case of you don’t want him, but you don’t want him to move on or for anyone else to have him. At least you’ve recognized it and you’re being honest with yourself it’s irrational. My BF’s ex who left him for someone else a long time ago is all of a sudden interested in knowing about me. Humans are weird.

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    You know he is a good guy and you know you still do not love him like that.

    You still have history and still have to grieve the loss of him and having him in your life.

    If you want to totally get over it you have to stop seeing him as a friend….drop all contact for a while…do not see or speak to him…do not be angry just be missing from his life in a nice way. Just tell him you want some time to yourself.

    When you feel better you can go back to normal business.

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