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    So I know this is very trivial but I just had to ask and hoping you guys aren’t being judgy and just give me your thought son this. I shouldn’t care much but I am curious .This guy and I talked a few months back and we had stopped talking and he unfollowed me on social media 2 months ago. I recently noticed he unliked some of my pics that he had liked when we first started talking. I saw this through an app I have. So what does it mean? I mean he went through all that went back to my profile to unlike my pics..just curious what he might have been thinking?

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    comeon.. is this worth posting?

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    It is. It’s a question and I’m curious. If you’re going to be judge mental then don’t comment? Is it worth commenting? Lol

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    Because he’s petty minded and is using a passive-aggressive method to let you know you upset him? My guess is he feels you ditched him or ghosted him or something, and his ego is hurt.

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    Or, he has a new girlfriend and is doing that to keep her happy.

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    standard reply

    Most of the regular commenters in this forum are going to tell you repeatedly that they aren’t mind readers. No one knows what he was thinking.

    I just wonder why you are still wondering about a guy you interacted w/on social media MONTHS ago, yet never met in real life? Are you in a vulnerable state right now and this is your way of torturing yourself? I don’t mean that in an insulting way, I just mean you can probably be much healthier and kinder to yourself by blocking him at this point and moving forward with a positive outlook. Forget him. If a guy wants to be with you and get to know you, he will make effort to be with you and get to know you. This guy (based on his actions) is not making an effort to be with you or get to know you. He’s doing the opposite.

    Make your own conclusions, then move on and forget him. Decide what standards you want from people in your life, and leave behind the ones that don’t match those expectations. No one knows what he’s thinking but at this point it doesn’t matter. It matters what YOU think.

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    Simple he is being petty and immature.
    Probably wants attention too and he got it.

    Do waste your time on such trivial things.

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    Who Mfk’n knows

    I un-liked some pictures on one guy’s page and unfriended him because he made some dumb excuse he was worried about his ex asking so many questions about us I guess was worried about her sabotaging it.

    so, like an idiot because i never discussed it with him and thinking he would get it, (he didn’t) would follow along and keep talking to me like we were this secret item. Dumb idea. He doesn’t talk to me now and moved on. I think he wants me to chase him. I’m over the whole chasing men thing it never pans out. I’m kind of hurt, but i realized i sabotaged it like I always do. After all the feelings and stuff have gone away, I realized I was way too invested and gullible. He just wanted to have some fun with me and I wasn’t good enough for him to want something serious.

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    I’m well aware it is trivial and also why do I care. Easier said than done when you’re not the situation. But it’s hard to explain when you still have that hope he’ll come back and reach out and just wondering why he even cared to come back to my profile to unlike my pics. Oddly enough there was an unknown private account that kept watching my stories lately but doesn’t follow me or like my pics. They use a girl’s name as their screen name. ICoincidence?

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    I can ensure you that whatever the reason but a guy unfollowing you and unliking pictures are not good signs in any universe. In fact its the opposite. You have been e-ethered when he was bored and moved on to someone else to ethether. And maybe at some point he will chat to you again. But its all futile and a lot of guys like it for some attention

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    I don’t think un-liking your photos is a good sign.

    Moving on isn’t easy but, in this case it seems necessary.
    And if he has unliked etc, only to follow you under some other name I find that weird and immature.

    Focus on you and not these random social media accounts.

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