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    I liked a guy for a while and then instead of him asking me on a date, he asked me for sex at his house. I was a virgin so I was very nervous and unsure cause I kind of wanted romance before.

    anyway, when I got to his house, he started kissing me but I didn’t enjoy his kissing at all. He was definitely a bad kisser as I’ve kissed other guys before and it’s been great. I just couldn’t get aroused for sex even when he took his clothes off and gave me oral it just felt sloppy and horrible and just gave me no nice feeling whatsoever.

    However, if he hugs me or smirks at me in a sexy way when we were out and about, I would get so turned on. But as soon as we got to the bedroom I just got turned off.

    I’ve come away from all this thinking that something is wrong with me 

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    I don’t think there is anything wrong with you. I think you allowed a guy to take advantage of you and it didn’t feel good. He didn’t want to take you out he only wanted sex. When you weren’t aroused by his kissing you should have stopped him right there. You want a man who cares about you and is patient and loving for your first time. Not just some guy asking you for sex.

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    The answer is so obvious I was waiting for someone else to state the obvious. See above post.

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    Arousal for a woman is in large part emotional and not just physical. A woman tends to want to feel special, cherished and safe for the juices to start flowing. It doesn’t sound like there is much of that in this situation.

    I am with you with getting turned off by a bad kisser and sloppy oral. There is nothing worse than a man who does not know what he is doing. Bottom line, it just sounds like the two of you are not sexually compatible. You could teach him to please you if you wanted, but sex is so much better when you have a man who cares about you. Without the caring, a vibrator does a much better job. :-)

    There is nothing wrong with you. All of your senses are working fine and you are responding completely appropriately for the circumstances.

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    So, everything about the experience was horrible, but you think there is something wrong with YOU?

    Does that actually make sense to you? You were in a situation that you didn’t actually want to be in and on top of that the guy’s sexual techniques were a massive turn off. But yet you think YOU have the problem for not being aroused.

    Perhaps you should think about this and try to come up with a good reason why this was your problem.

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