Why are they acting in such weird way, do they really want to help me or not?

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    Hi Ladies, So I will tell you my problem,, my grandparents offer to help me stay in there home while my parents are adjusting to living in another country, I could not leave with my parents cause they did not give me the visa through my dad cause I am older than 18 years of age, they only gave the visa to my mom an little sister, so I had no choice but to stay with my grandparents, so here I am, my grandparents have been acting a little weird and sketchy ever since me my mon and sister stayed here in their house for some time (2 months) until they left to europe about a week ago, and well know I am alone with them and they keep acting the same way when mom and sister was here (My mom told me: ’’ you will see that as soon as I leave they will act differently around you they adore you and you are their granddaughter’’).

    Honestly I don’t trust them at all. cause they have talked horrible things behind our back and I know exactly all that they have talked about my father, mother, me etc. (especially about their son, which happens to be my father) even if he has made mistakes, which nobody is perfect, he is till their son.

    Honestly they have acted a little different but with the same sketchyness and weirdness as before, I admit that I had a few words exchange with them when my mom was still here. Ok so the real issue is that ever since my mom, sister where still here they had issues with the Ac, and my grandma kept nagging that the Ac was broken, she got mad and turned the Ac off,( the point is she was the one who broke it, cause she kept on touching it so much. so they fixed it, they put a new Ac, and perfect, but know after my mom left, she started a new topic with the Ac, that the thermostat is broken, so they called the Ac technician and he came and changed the Ac thermostat and put a new one, so know that we have a new one, she is saying that this new thermostat is not working right that it stays on for 1 hour and turns off for 1 hour, so she called the Ac technician again today.she says that the timing of the Ac turning off and on is wrong. I am about to explode and have a discussion with them, but I don’t want to because I have no place to go.

    In my head I think that both of my grandparents are doing this to bother me or stress me, I cannot handle this Ac theme everyday, I am working and I need to sleep in peace. I think that if a person truly offers to help you they should do it sincerely and not like this,what do you think is going on?

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    Aren’t you old enough to get a job and find your own place to live?

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    How old are they? Could it be they don’t have money for the AC and they’re too proud to say? Have they always acted weird with your family? And what do you mean by weird?

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    @L, Hi L, yes but I am new in this country, so I don’t have anyone here ;)

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    @Hannah, they are 68 and 72, they have their money, but my grandma is too aprehensive with the money,the Ac is brand New, she puts the temperature in 78 degrees,and it feels great and that amount of degrees dont waste much money like if for example you put the ac on 75. bu yesteray the thermostat broke is was acting funny, so they called the Ac technician and he replaced with a new one, and ofcourse now my grandma is saying that the ac is taking1 hour long to turn off and turn on, so basically I feel as if everyday they have a new issue andd topic with this Ac!! and I am working and trying to save money. its not like if I am in there home like a lazy person not doing anything. I am a hard worker, cause I came from another country to here. and they offered to ”help me”.

    In regards with there sketchy act, yes from some few years back they have been acting weird but with time it has become even worse (from their character, mood,etc) My dad has made some mistakes in the past and they have gotten mad over it, but nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes and learns from them. so I don’t know if they are trying to make me pay for my fathers mistakes, which is super unfair. and honestly in this point in my life I don’t even trust my own family, I just can’t cause from everything I have heard them say,its ery ugly and not fair.

    I just hope I can save some money, get a student visa or work visa and leave to europe where my parents are. I miss them and we have always been together. maybe all of this is taking a toll on me. but my grandparents character is making it worse. I just dont feel comfortable. I feel as if I was in a fake enviroment with double face people.

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    First of all this is a relationship forum and you posted about your grandparents under mixed signals. This forum is for mixed signals you are getting from your significant other. If you want to post a general topic then there is the community lounge. But your entire post doesn’t make any sense anyway. All you get going on about is them having their AC repaired. Who freaking cares? I really don’t think they’re doing it to stress you out or bother you. It’s just that old people don’t have anything to do but find something to gripe about every single day. Do you not know that? If I were you I’d be pissed at your parents for not trying to get you a visa and dumping you on your grandparents.

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    Hi Nancy, where are you from and which country are you right now and which country are your family at the moment? Also, what mistake did your dad do before?

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    I have a feeling we are not getting the whole story. But in any case, I doubt that they are having the AC fixed to annoy you. Honestly that makes no sense. Why don’t you join a club or social group so you are out of the house more? Are you at an age where you can go to college? A lot of countries have means for students to go to college even if you do not have money.

    Anyway, is there anything else “weird” they do besides talk bad about your dad and fix the AC? I think you are paranoid because you are home sick. Just find some other things to do and find a plan to get out. If you work during the day isn’t there a library or coffee shop to work at? Getting out more would be good for you.

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