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    Confused Gal

    So I started talking to this guy on a dating app. We exchanged numbers and have been talking for a few days. I actually really like him. Our convos through text having been really interesting and they have been pretty consistent throughout the day. We clicked. He asked my to hang out on the weekend but the same day he asked his remeberbhe had a family party to attend but never asked to reschedule which is whatever sometimes ppl don’t reschedule right away. Saturday night he hit me up after his party asking me what I was doing but I was in bed. After the weekend his texts have not been as consistent, they are a few hours spaced out. Sometimes even end during the afternoon. He texts me good morning every morning but I don’t know. Do you guys think he’s into me and should I mention rescheduling?

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    It sounds like he is pulling back because he thinks you are no longer interested in him. If you like him, then I would totally reschedule with him. It’s a dating app. You’re supposed to meet people and make plans to date. The worst that can happen is he doesn’t respond. But if he’s taking the time to reach out to you every morning, he is interested in you. Take the step and ask him when yall can meet up.

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    What’s confusing? He wants sex

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    of some guy I had never met before hit me up late on a Saturday night I would be done with him. Clearly only wants sex. Couldn’t be more blatant about it.

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    It’s really not confusing at all. you didn’t invite him over for sex so he is fading.

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    Block him. Do nit talk anymore

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    T from NY

    You only get one chance to make a first impression and this guy canceled your first date with a lame excuse and did not make a concrete plan for another time — then asked you what you were doing late? After you were ASLEEP? If you’re just looking for casual by all means you can mention rescheduling! But this man is not looking for romance this is guaranteed. Beware do not get caught in texting traps. There should be very little convo via text. Dudes who are open to real connections will ask you out within a few days to a week. After a week (NOT a week of non stop texting) they should make a real plan. When a guy doesn’t follow through it’s because he’s only getting his ego stroked texting you, is trying to make you a booty call or is keeping you as an option as he juggles many new matches.

    Real men DO. Boys TALK (or text). Not confusing at all.

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    There’s a lot of easy sex for men these days, so they don’t have to put in the same courtship effort they used to. Apparently, the same game he tried to run on you has worked on other women. It’s awesome you didn’t fall for it.

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    HE WANTS SEX.. you weren’t quick to give it to him so now he doesn’t know what to do with himself…or with you..he’s probably on to the next girl..

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    If I had a dime for every woman who was so flattered by a good morning text….. smh

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    Honestly, you are giving way too much thought to someone who you haven’t gone on a proper date with.

    He cancelled your date with a lame excuse and then later that night asked what you were doing.

    I’m willing to bet if you were up to he would have asked to hang out.

    Since you weren’t too available he is probably on to the next girl.

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    Nothing confusing here, he is throwing crumbs your way. If you want to appear desperate and low value, you can ask him to reschedule. But I don’t understand why women (and you) fail to understand that men live in the same world, he is fully aware that rescheduling is an option. he is not asking YOU, then..?

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