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    Curious Missy

    I am curious if men think about the girl once they dump her…
    Any men around to answer !?

    Once you decide that a girl is not the one you want to go forward with or you see no future with them … in this case “attraction”… do you really think about them once you tell them that it’s a done deal and you are ready to leave them!?

    Do you think about how the relationship or that girl was or just consider it as a mistake?

    Reading some postings here most of them have same story..Guys show high interest, and eventually after couple of dates they dont even care to respond to texts, calls and finally break up !

    I really want to know how do you guys think before and after about that girl ! :(

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    I’m sure the girl they dumped runs across their mind from time to time.

    Have you not ever dumped someone and wondered how they were?

    Right now you are focused on the wrong thing, focus on moving forward and healing.

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    You don’t understand the concept of dating. The early stages of meeting someone doesn’t mean it’s a guaranteed relationship. InitiL attraction may not last and that’s just the process of finding compatibility. It’s not a matter of dumping women, it’s a matter of not wanting a relationship with her. I can’t speak for a man, but I rarel think about men I’ve only had a handful of dates with. Especially if I still had no interest. People place too much fixation in what others think of them when in actuality most people don’t think much about you at all. They don’t really care what you wear, what you say and while you thought an interaction was great, they may not give it a second thought. It’s because most people are mainly self centered in what is important to them. Their job, their money, their kids, their dog, etc. so other people not important in their life take a huge mental back seat.

    Which is the reason why you ponder this question. This is important to YOU. And like I said most of your thoughts as a human in focused on that and not other people. It’s also why big news stories many times are only big for a few days or week, because they get overshadowed by the latest and greatest. Unless it was important to you, this is another example of how little mental focus or time devoted to other people.

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    Like all people, men think about people in their lives. Their exes, those they dumped, those who dumped them. How often and with what feelings, it all depends on a case and on a man.

    But are you seriously wondering if they remember? Men are not retards, they don’t just “forget”. Especially not women they slept with.

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    Curious Misty

    Thanks for you insights :)

    The reason I had this question was that at one time they are so much into you, and slowly the interest, the love starts fading away, the bonding goes weak and one day they start ignoring you…

    So in their mind they have decided and start pushing you..but not ready to tell you
    In my case I was going nuts wondering does he need time or is he over me…

    and eventually he said he need time..and then he just started ignoring..

    There was nothing I could do to make him feel that I liked him…bcz I felt he didn’t care about me anymore , so I accepted what he decided :|

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    A lot of times all the sweet words and seemingly high interest from a man is an act. How else are they going to get sex? If they say “Listen, I know I don’t want you permanently but you’re ok enough for the time being. How about you have regular sex with me until I get tired of you?” then most women will say no. If he knows from the beginning what will happen, then he’s not going to have have a hard time moving on.

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    They will eventually forget you altogether as time passes but you probably pop in his head here and there but overall when you check out its because you’re not really missing them much and when those feelings ebb so do the thoughts.

    Think about a guy you liked initially and then your feelings waned, how much did you think of him when you reached that point? Same for guys.

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