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    Hurting woman

    Hi guys ! Thank you for reading this. I need adivce/support on this topic cause i’m feeling a little weak right now. Here’s the situation: I ended things with a guy i was seeing casually (no sex involved ) for about three/four weeks. I ended things on the phone with him cause i felt I had too much feeling involved compared to him, and I was afraid it was going to hurt me in the long run cause he said he dont want a girlfriend. anywayz, we talked a lot, and he agreed to think about it. Three weeks passed and he texted me a very sweet respectful message to basically let me down easy. Its been a month now and I still did not reply to his text. I want to forget about him, but its very hard for me right now. Part of me wants to texts him a response to that ”breakup” text, and the other part of me wants to slap myself for even wanting this lol anyways, im just wondering and seeking advice from the outside.
    Thanks a lot XOXO

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    Anne Ohio

    Everyone will tell you the same thing. Anything you say won’t ultimately change anything, won’t make you feel better or help you move on, etc.

    Hes probably not worrying over how you took the text

    When in doubt, don’t embarrass yourself or put yourself in a position to re think every word you texted, imaging if you had used different words, etc. You don’t need the stress of it.

    Feel good about your bold decision to not give in to temptation and message him.

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    Take the road that leads you to self respect…

    He ‘let you down’ what more is there to say to him?

    Delete his number & all threads associated with him.
    Hanging on to this stuff doesn’t help you move on…

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    I agree with Anne. You did the right thing. Trust me he is not waiting for your text. Just forget about this and feel good about the fact that you didn’t settle for less than you deserve.

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    whatever you are going to write him, he wont have much time to read it…

    He has been busy trying to sleep with women who still believe they can sex a man into relationship… Lol

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    the bottomline is he doesn’t want a relationship with you. he doesn’t want you as a gf. whether you text him back or not, will the bottomline change?? he messaged to tell you he thought over things and he thinks the same. which is no relationship. this text doesn’t need a reply anyways. he wasnt asking you a question. just responding to the discussion you guys had. it was nice of him to tell you he thought things over and no he still doesn’t want a relationship. its a closed case girl. move on..

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