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    My boyfriend seems to be depressed and angry. We have been dating for about 8 months and he has these moments where he clings to me and go everywhere with me. We still have our own places but he has had me pretty move in. Before he met me his previous girlfriend called and saying she was pregnant. Here lately his friend and some family have come to him saying they too had been with her at the time he was etc. He has been taking around his mom and all his family even more and they also lean on him to support them etc. When he becomes very quiet and not responsive is when he will either just take off without telling me but only to make a block to calm down. He has told me through txt to stay at my house because he need that time to himself, so I took my stuff with me which upset him. He doesn’t tell me whats bothering him or answer me when he needs space he just gets quiet and walk out the door until I leave….any suggestions on how to handle this?

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    Sorry but you don’t have the skills nor equipped to handle a person like this. The problem though is YOU by accepting this treatment so he’s lost all respect for you which is why he keeps doing it.

    You need to adopt some seriou boundaries and stop allowing hi crap by telling him in no uncertain terms that you will not tolerate this anymore nd if he doesn’t shape up your going to ship out an MEAN IT. This is toxic, dysfunctional and destructive and really need to get to the root of the issue at to why you tolerate it because the only person you can control is YOU, not him or his family. Only when you truly accept it and admit this is beyond your control will you be able to stand up for yourself and say “enough!”.

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    So he has a lot of baggage? A baby on the way etc. Taht doesn’t sound like fun to me. I would nhave run the moment I heard about the baby

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