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    So this woman was on a holiday romance with me, was cheating on her bf back home who she was sure was gonna stay with for marriage.

    She kinda used me for sex even tho i let her know my growing feeling multiple times.

    Then today i dropped the bomb- come back and be with me and we get married and move somewhere together. Also, i love you.

    She said she didn’t feel anything like that for me, and that was honest enough.

    But then she also says she WILL leave her bf, and visit me in 6 months.

    So now I’m just thinking… huh?

    Any input, guys?

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    She’s a cheater. Why would you want to date and marry a cheater?

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    Ive been with cheaters before, and they were faithful to me, and i never tried to judge them for their past mistakes.

    And that’s not how i see this woman as.

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    well if you want to give her a chance, sure wait for her. as she said she will come to you in 6 months time after breaking with her current bf. you guys can explore what you have once she comes to you. till then continue with your life and enjoy your life.

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    So does it seem like tho she doesn’t love me back she’s willing to give this a try?

    As an impulse driven guy i always find such calculating behavior by women puzzling

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    She sounds like a real prize, go for it…

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    How long was this holiday romance? You really fell in love and want to marry a woman you barely know?

    You are infatuated with her and not in love. And she’s certainly not in love with you as she clearly stated. I seriously doubt she leaves her boyfriend in 6 months. More likely he finds out she cheated and dumps her!!

    And if you’ve been with cheaters before that obviously didn’t work out for you or you’d still be with them. Why not try dated an honest, faithful woman for a change?!?!

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    Haven’t you posted about this woman already at least two or three other times? This is the woman you had a fling with and can’t handle it was just a holiday fling. We all told you this. No woman in her right mind would leave her home, her country and her job to go live with some stranger she had a few weeks fling with. And she just told you the same thing.

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    First time I have heard a man say he was used for sex. LMAO

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    Is this another trap?

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    I have a glitch in my brain

    How well do you actually know this woman?

    How well does she know you?

    You’re blinded by infatuation.

    It sounds amazing flying by the seat of your pants and running off together. I think she’s being more realistic. Plus, bad things can happen to naive vulnerable women. She’s playing it safe.

    Slow your roll.

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    This is a joke post!

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