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    So u have broke up with ex. You still love him.he says he loves you but needs to concentrate on him self right now. You argued alot in your few months together which he blew out of proportion but he blames you for and to save argument you let it go. U text him he always messages u bk but never starts the convo it’s always you. He says his feelings havnt changed for you and asks to be friends and maybe one day you will get back together but no promises. You really want this guy but he’s treated you quite badly at times but u have kept trying because you see the good in his heart when things are good. The thing that upsets you The most is he is not bothered about losing you even tho he says he loves you he doesnt seem to care much. What do u do? He talks alot about himself and his wants and feelings and has also told me you he hates women. We have been broke up 4 months and yesterday he said we havnt really had time apart because we still spk ..ladies what would u do in this situation?

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    Tell him to have a nice life and to stop contacting you.

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    Hi-Anon. I would stop all contact,wishing,hoping etc. He is offering you nothing and you are making up fantasies,excuses about him and his treatment of you. “HE treats you badly but you see the good in his heart”? That is you trying to “save” him by focusing on his “potential” instead of looking at the reality of the woman hating,treat you badly,argue/fight with,not seeming to care much,guy. Sorry but this is REALLY WHO HE IS! Don’t you deserve better? moa

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    Amy S

    Ok. He needs time to concentrate on himself right now so why do you keep texting him ? You arent listening to him. Again he has treated you badly and doesnt care about losing you and admits to hating women so really hes not the greatest prospect. Dont you want better for yourself than a woman hating guy that just wants to be friends ? He sounds like hes letting you down gently here because you just wont leave him alone. It sounds like you have only man on the planet syndrome and wont just let this go. Its time to move on, sorry.

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    I would get another guy.

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    I’m sorry– he told you he “hates women?” For goodness sake, that tells you all you need to know. This will NEVER NEVER be a man who fully respects you and treats you as an equal.

    He did you a favor. Move on.

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    You say you were together a few months but broken up for 4 months. If you look back, you’ll probably see that in the time you’ve known him, he’s made you more sad than happy. Why waste your time with someone who makes you sad? He’s no good for you.

    He’s told you himself he hasn’t had time to miss you because you won’t leave him alone. Do as he asks and leave him alone.

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    Are you dating Stephen?!

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    Am I the only one annoyed at this type of thing or am I PMSing? LOL

    The guy told you he hates women, he treats you badly often, but “deep down” he is a nice person (of course!). And he broke up with you blaming you for all the arguments. And yet you won’t leave him alone. You keep contacting him. Why? You just have to get him, don’t you?

    Honestly I think it is quite aggressive. He said NO but you keep on going after him.

    Yes clearly you want him, so what! I want to go to the Moon. Or back in time. But I can’t. I have to live with the fact that I can’t.

    learn to accept NO. NO means NO sweetheart. Leave this guy alone, if you actually spend 2-3 months without any contact you might realize that it is a good thing he is out. But no, you keep going after him, keep trying to “win” and force him to come back. Ahhh…

    There is only one answer to your question – leave him alone and do not contact him in any shape or form, texting or FB or instagram or anything. No clicking, no commenting, nothing.

    I know I am wasting my time here! we all know you are going to wait 3 days… and then contact him again!!!

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    It’s hard when you are in the situation. I would love to be able to be as strong as u guys are telling me to be Plus the guy tells me he still loves me and it hasn’t changed he wishes We were back together he’s even told people yet he won’t do anything about it to fix things. I have now deleted his number and I’m going to try and move on now. There’s just this feeling I cantvshift that says if I just move on then he will too and what if things could have been different if we just stay as friends for now but I know what u guys are saying his true I have to walk away.

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    I will never understand what women find so difficult in walking away.

    Some really remind me of alcoholics or drug addicts.

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    Danita, mainly because dating for some people is a pain. It’s truly hard to meet quality people in some situations.

    My best advice is to learn to be happy alone, and be pleasantly surprised if you meet someone. If you want to be in a relationship you set yourself up to end up in bad situations.

    Also, guys that are into you, don’t give up on you and have a way of popping back. Especially wishywashy ones. If you walk away from this guy, he will come back down the road. So walk away, and the next time he pops up, take control and date him on your terms.

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    It looks like you have everything clear, so… Why won’t you apply to your own advice?

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    “Danita, mainly because dating for some people is a pain.”

    That is the thing that I don’t get. Dating is fun, why would you complicate it? Believe it or not, men are not from Mars, and they are not your enemy. I know that many advice on this site can give you an impression that men are your enemy. Well, they are not. Just enjoy going out with them, enjoy their attention and just have fun. Don’t take too much seriously any ruls as those are a garbage.

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