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    Basically, in my ex-boyfriend’s world, it’s ok if he moves on and is in a relationship, but it’s not ok for me to do it? I’m not saying I let him get involved in my life, but my question is, what can I do for him to stop him and protect myself?

    I don’t let him get involved. He finds out this info, and I only tell a few people, and then he has his “buddies” figure out who the guy I am seeing is.

    He just got married 4 months ago. However, when a man tries to enter my life or tries to date me, he doesn’t like it and goes and messes it up. By talking garbage about me, by hitting or going up to a guy who shows interest in me. I also haven’t seen him in 5 years, and this past summer was my first time seeing him again. I confronted him about our previous relationship since we were so toxic and he said to me, “I still love you, but I can’t be with you because I already promised another girl that I would marry her.”

    If it also helps he has anger issues like nasty anger issues and in the past has hit my ex-boyfriend. The reason why he hit my ex-boyfriend was that he found out him and I was dating. He went up to my ex and asked him “What’s between you and M/N?” My boyfriend at that time replied “I love her” and he punched him for saying that. He also had my cousin spy on us. Even tried another time to beat up my boyfriend at that time by trying to take him somewhere far so he can beat him but my boyfriend got away.

    I was also talking to his cousin once on Facebook, and we just had the usual, “Hey, How are you” conversations and I wake up one day and see that he has blocked me for no reason. I believe that reason was that of my ex. Also he had separate fb account to add me on but when I blocked him He started to use his real one with his picture on it. But I now have been dating someone else, and he doesn’t know, and I intend to keep it that way. I plan on moving back to the state he’s in because my family and friends live there.

    Do you guys think this behavior will stop soon since he is married? or maybe has a kid? Why is he still doing this? Should I move back?
    Advice, please?

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    Tell him to stop it!

    File assault charges next time he hits anyone!

    If he does not stop, threaten to tell his fiancé… That will typically stop a creep…

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    I think the only way to deal with such creeps is the legal way. All you have to do is tell him (on paper or online so that you have a proof) to stop any contact with you. Any attempt that he makes afterwards – even if it is by proxy – counts as stalking. And then you have a case against him. I regret that in the past I was hoping that an issue like this would resolve itself, it can escalate and it is dangerous. Last time I had a stalker I acted immediatiely – police, workplace, friends, works counselling service, administration, guards – everyone was warned. They were protecting me, they gave me great advice. And the stalking has stopped (or so I hope, but it’s been a few months that I haven’t heard from my stalker)

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    This guy is a psycho why on earth are you friends with him on fb? Stop all contact with him and his family members, even social media contact. If he stalks you or assaults your bf save the evidence and go to the police. You might need a restraining order but the first thing to do is just to disappear from his life (including social media) and just hope you never hear from him again.

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    call the cop! this guy is crazy!

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    You haven’t seen him in 5 years? But when you met up last summer you go up and confront him about your past relationship? So all this confrontation was from over five years ago?

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    Him and I separated in 2012 and so when I came back in 2017 it was my first time seeing him in 5 years.

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    So you have a new guy and haven’t even seen this ex guy in years but are posting on a forum about him?

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    He was so horrible, but you confronted him last year and moved back so you could be closer?

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    Ive seen my ex last year. I’m not moving back so I can be closer my mom want’s me to move back there.

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    I would suggest you either get a restraining order or a HUGE boyfriend who can beat the crap out of your ex!! Unfortunately to me it sounds like you like the drama and attention or you would have done something about it a long time ago.

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