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    I posted here 3 weeks ago about my long distance relationship the same guy he hurted me so badly after we met he deleted the relationship status he broke up with me and deleted me off of Facebook I even begged to video chat with him and he didnt want to he throw me out his life and the next week
    he told me we can chat if you want so i tried to chat with him when i was ready on video call he ignored my messages and apologized saying he was tired so when he asked me if I still needed the chat i just told him i need to sleep and didnt try chatting because i thought it was too hurtful now 2 weeks later hes messaging me what i been up to just work? So i want to tell him i started school st a new college I’m wondering is it too much to send my Instagram video to him of me looking good with my hair done I want him to see me looking and doing good without him

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    how old are you ? 12 ? block him and forget him, he doesn’t want you, he just wants some attention

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    You are in college?

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    Hello Melissa,

    You deserve a guy who loves you and treats you better. Based on your post, he is quite immature and it’s not right for him to push you away then pull you back to him. I’d have ignored and blocked him.

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    lol. why are you still in touch with him .. just block him and focus on other people. go out date and meet good guys.

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    T from NY

    It’s natural when you really care about someone to want a happy ending. This guy began to hurt you – so you went into fix-it mode trying to video chat and get some answers. That’s natural. But, then he still blew you off. Some of the best advice I was ever given was
    When people show you who they are — believe them.

    This guy showed you that he could dispose of you and your feelings when he chooses, without being brave and talking to you about what was going on with him. Maybe he’s a jerk or maybe no one has ever taught him to articulate his feelings. Maybe he was trying out a new girl and it’s not going well. But it’s not your problem.

    You’re job now is to look after YOU. Instead of concentrating on “winning him” again (by looking good on an insta video) do the more difficult work of focusing on yourself and not ever allowing someone to treat you like that. If you feel like writing back I would just say something incredibly brief like — “You ignored and disrespected me when I was just wondering what was happening. Thanks for showing me your character. I have nothing to say to you.”

    IF he apologizes and continues to contact you for (I don’t know) WEEKS, maybe I would give him an audience to explain himself. But take it from someone who’s been through men like him before! Every single time I’ve given flakey, weak man, who could not articulate their feelings to me a second chance – Ive been burned by them again. HEAL. MOVE ON. Believe what people show you. Learn to be okay alone or ONLY with someone who’s mad crazy about you. You deserve that. We all do.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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