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    I don’t know what wrongs with me.

    I find myself thinking about sex constantly.

    I am constantly ho*ry
    I am constantly touching myself, I’m always aching for it.

    I am seeing a guy on weekly basis.

    I saw him on Friday night.

    We had sex three times.

    We see each other once a week, and we always have sex 3 times each time or even 5 times if we have time.

    I don’t think I can see him until the weekend but I am craving for him so bad.
    I want to ask to see him tonight but I am scare he might go off me as I will come across sex obsessed.

    I don’t know what to do, is this normal or do I need professional help?

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    Everyone has a different sex drive. You have a high one and I have a very low one.

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    Is there ways I can lower my sex drive because I don’t like feeling like this

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    Did you discover that just now?… I have a high sex drive too and yes, it’s annoying and affecting my daily life. With or without a partner. There isn’t much you can do, I’m afraid.

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    I knew l was always very sexual person.
    And I always enjoyed having sex.

    But now I feel like it’s ruining my relationship or even to develop a relationship.

    It’s very hard for me to meet someone I am sexually attract to
    (Which I feel sometimes it’s a blessing) because if I could sleep with anyone I would probably have sex with different people every day.

    So since it’s hard for me meet people I want to get physical with, when I do, it’s hard for me to give time for it to develop, I just can’t wait to sleep with them, I do control myself maybe 4th 5th meeting but I usually rush it, so I would invite them to my house so we get comfortable very quickly (within a month) because the min I meet and I feel the physical connection, I just want to sleep with them, I don’t watch out for red flags or what their intention are.

    I do get lucky in the sense, I haven’t been attract to anyone who is horrible, who have mistreated in bad way but they don’t develop strong Feelings for me.
    So mainly I fall into fwb situations.

    So now I am thinking I can’t go on like this, it isn’t healthy.

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    Become me a prostitute and you can have your cake and eat it too.

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    I would if I could f-k anyone but I can’t.

    I love the physical connection, emotional connection, the cuddling etc.

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    One suggestion is to have an (exclusive) FWB while you’re dating as the ‘sex guy’ and then you can get your needs met without clouding your judgement about the men you’re dating for lack of sex.

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    Louise, I too thought that would be ideal, but it hasn’t work out great like that.

    Take for example the guy I am seeing now, we see each other weekly but it isn’t enough.
    I am craving constantly, and because I am thinking of having sex with him, I thinking about about him all the time, I’m thinking am I falling for him or is it just the sex I am missing.

    I haven’t had a guy who wants to meet me more than once a week, well the guy I am currently seeing, we do meet 2 time or even 3 but it’s only occasionally not often.

    Does this mean I am sex addict?

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    No one here can diagnose you as a sex addict, but if you use sex to distract yourself, to comfort yourself, to avoid thinking about problems, etc – then maybe. Have you spoken to a therapist about your concerns?

    I used to get sucked into relationships because of my sex drive but they were relationships rather than FWB. I think FWB is a safer option if it’s your sex drive taking you there!

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    Oh – you might want to think about hormones, too, as that will have an impact. Are you on the pill? That might actually help in reducing testosterone levels and upping progesterone / estrogen – but I’m no doctor, so you’d need to speak to one.

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