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    So, I was going out with this guy for couple months, we used to talk all day and he showed all the signs that he was interested. Last friday he invited me to go to his house hang out with him and his friends and what surprised me was that it was a kind of double date setting with his closest friends, and he was all about PDA that night. After that though, everything changed. He started to grow distant and distant until I confronted him yesterday.

    First he said he lost a bit of the ”feeling” he had, but that it could be because he was drowning in work. That sounded like bs to me, so I said I was going to pull away. He told me I shouldn’t, but in the end said that things weren’t flowing in the right way.

    I mean, what?? I’ve thought about this a million times and I can’t understand if I did something wrong. I never acted needy, didn’t try to push things, I was just genuinely enjoying our dates and getting to know him as a person so I don’t understand why. Did he just wanted me for sex?

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    No. He just didn’t want you. That’s called dating.

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    Maybe his friends weren’t so into you? Sorry if that’s harsh, but his friends sound like the only factor in this story, everything has changed after you met his friends.

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    Better off single

    Was alcohol involved? A guy will pretty much tell you what you wanna hear when they’re drunk and living in the moment.

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    @Shoshannah – But he’s 24! He’s too old to be influenced by his friends no? Well tbh we had sex that night and it wasn’t bad, just wasn’t good like the first time, I keep thinking that maybe that’s it and he thinks I’m not good in bed?

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    Better off single

    What would ypu rather hear?

    “I got a little too inibriated and maybe that explains why i said what i did. I didnt actually mean it. I felt it then and after a few days I’m not feeling it for you. It might have just been the rum talking.”

    “Man im so stressed out out drowning in work and so busy right now. I’m sorry I dont have the time to go out again. Rain check?”

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    Better off single

    Maybe he just wants to be a man wh0re

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