What is this we are doing? Im confused.

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    Thank you everyone for your insight so far to my situation , I have been reading them and listening to what you are all saying.

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    Are you American? Somehow I don’t see this Pakistani thing working out. Especially if his parents have tried to match him in the past. Do you even know anything about the culture?

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    He calls you lover because for his culture you aren’t going to be accepted by his family. Him texting you twice a day means nothing. He could be there meeting Pakistani women and being set up for marriage. Being a lover doesn’t mean being a wife. I think you are way too invested in a man you barely know. And are trying to read into things like what his pet names mean. He was very clear. He doesn’t want complicated or exclusive. If he did he would not have danced around your questions.

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    yes this is the actually the second pakistani man i have been with. the first asked me to convert and marry him. i do know a lot about the culture. thanks for your insight.

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    Karen is one of the new bunch who thinks demeaning women and showing she knows nothing about any culture is what she is here for. Dont mind her

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    This man said it very clearly, you are his lover for hot sex when he returns…I would be hugely offended….

    So go on your Tuesday date and have some fun..

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    I don’t know if “hot sex” hugely offends me, maybe I’ll just change my way of thinking…. and I am definitely going on the date on Tuesday with the other man thanks to everyone’s encouragement 💗

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    If you want to date a man you aren’t compatible with, it’s not my problem. I don’t get dating someone who isn’t compatible religious wise or culturally. The OP has bigger issues if she has to ask a man after tour dates if she is a girlfriend. The man clearly is saying no he just is looking forward to being a lover. That’s actually insulting unless all she wants is sex. Being a lover isn’t a higher calling than husband and wife. That’s pretty much a joke.

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    Summers, yes, go out with this other guy and have fun! I also dated a guy from that culture and at first he was trying to hide me from family and friends. And after almost a year(we had been bf/gf already) I asked him about the future. He confessed that his family is against him having relationships with girls from other backgrounds(me). Nevertheless, knowing that, he still was sleeping with me and call me all the cute/nice names. I had to move on then but I wish I didnt waste so much time with him. I should have asked him in the beginning. If I was you I would not even start with Pakistani guy. It will fail and you will only lose your time.

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    She said she already dated one and he wanted her to convert. That’s probably best case scenario, but more likely he just wants to have easy sex with a Caucasian because someone of his own faith won’t do that. There is a reason why Muslim men gravitate to non Muslim women.

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    Good point, in a lot of cultures the only way to sleep w a woman is to marry her first… Lol

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    If you aren’t willing to commit what is the point in dating men of such a radical different faith. These guys really view American women as easy and stupid.

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    Pretty much every culture, including european countries, consider american women as easy. Its probably the only country where girls give guys bj’s and not consider it having sex haha

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