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    So this guy and I were sort of talking for about a month. He wanted to meet up but I hestitated because I didn’t want to like him.. he just seemed like a player or f*ckboy may you say. He asked me over and over and hinting to meet up but I eventually left him on read. It was awkward because he was viewing my stories still. Then he messaged me later and said he would leave me alone. He thought I thought he was being weird and creepy. He had since stopped watching my stories and messaging me. We came to a mutual understanding and agreed it was fine. The last message he sent I always left him on read. We still follow each other but we don’t communicate at all. Couple weeks later I responded to a story he posted, but he did was “liked” it. I thought we were cool but he totally made me feel so embarrassed! I mean since communication is nonexistent should I just unfollow him??? I’m sure he’s talking to other girls too or had lost interest in me which is fine but can’t we be cool? This is driving me crazy because I don’t know what he’s thinking! Is it to get back at me for not responding to his previous messages?



    Yes. You probably should unfollow him.



    Let me get this straight. guy chatted to you. you broke it off. you ignored his messages. you finally decided to comment on one story, and is now having a meltdown because he just liked it? Honey, you played hard to get and he lost interest. dont expect anything more than a like from him. if that freaks you out, then just unfollow him


    Better off single



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    Closing this. This is a duplicate topic of “Should I unfollow him?”

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